Tips You Need To Know About Luxury Packaging For High-End Products

Written By Alla Levin
September 20, 2017

Luxury Packaging For High-End Products

Packaging luxury goods are never simple. It requires a good knowledge of aesthetics and marketing. The packaging is, after all, not just a piece of material that will protect your product. It is also a brand statement.

Take note that most people appreciate good packaging. If you have been around watching product reviews on YouTube, you know most reviewers reserve the right amount of time to check the packaging. The packaging can create an impression. There is no reason that you need to skimp one of the packaging.

Luxury Packaging costs less than you might imagine. That is a perception that you can take advantage of to quickly add value and even match the class and style of the product inside.

If you have little idea of how packaging works, below are some tips and pointers that you need to focus on. Of course, these not only work on luxury items but can also be used on regular products. High-end packaging should be your top priority.

Make Your Luxury Packaging Interactive

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Do not let the recipient just open the package and see the product he or she received from you. Add some hype, excitement, and a bit of mystery. The point here is to delay instant gratification. Do not make the unpacking of a high-end product anticlimactic and lackluster.

Be Mindful Of The Sounds That Your Packaging Materials Make of

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Did you know that you can determine the packaging materials used in the product by just the sound they produce? For example, automatic packing machine advise that cellophane provides distinct high-pitched crumples.

If you will use inexpensive materials, make sure they will look and sound classy. You can adjust the sound and pitch of your packaging materials by making them thicker or thinner.

Thicker materials produce bassy sounds, while more lightweight materials produce higher-pitched sounds. Also, take particular note of the fact that high-pitched sounds created from packaging materials make people perceive that the product is not high-class or luxurious, quality packaging should be your top priority.

 If you want to buy great packaging for your products, then be sure to contact a wholesale packaging supplier.

Add Or Remove Texture To Your Packaging

Added texture (such as silk or satin ribbons) to the packaging can make the person opening the packaging perceive that the packaging material is expensive. After all, people perceive smooth carton boxes are much cheaper than textured boxes.

However, this does not always apply. In some cases, no texture at all works well. For example, if the packaged product is an electronic gadget that exudes sleekness and an urban style, going for sleek packaging is a better choice.

Consider The Smell

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Yes, you can make your product appear more stylish and more luxurious than it is by adding scent to the packaging. And this is true. Do you have any idea how bookworms are crazy over the smell of newly printed books or worn-out pages?

This idea works the same with packaging, too. Choose the right scent that will play well with the people who will get the product within the package.

Also, by adding a particular scent, the people who will open the package will associate that certain smell to your product or company. Whenever they smell the scent, they will be reminded of the product you have.

Make The Packaging Tight But Can Still Easily Release The Product

It is true that you would want to add some “puzzle” or mystery to your packaging by making it interactive. However, consider the occasions when the recipient will open the package.

Take, for example, an engagement ring. More often than not, the packaging for the product has a few bit of complexity. But when it is down to the last few layers of the product, it becomes simple to open. It works like that to make it easy for the person opening the product for the big reveal.

On the other hand, ensure that the packaging can be opened without using tools like scissors. It must be easily opened by the customer’s or recipient’s bare hands. For example, products coming in custom shipping boxes can be held snugly but require little effort to open.

Make The Closures Stylish

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This is an essential thing you can apply to the packaging of your product. For example, the most common closures for women luxury products are satin ribbons. The material exudes femininity and classiness. Usually, this aesthetic is a must if the product will be displayed on shelves.

Of course, closures like satin cannot be applied only to feminine products. They can be used for other luxury products. Instead of trying them like a ribbon, you can place them on the packaging as an edge or border lining. The design and application depend on your creativity.

Include Contrasting Colored Materials

Bright gold, matte black, and solid glossy white are colored materials often used to denote that the product inside the packaging is luxurious or high-end. Be sure to include those colors in your packaging. These hues automatically make your product ooze class and style.

However, be sure not to overuse those colors. Other ones will work well, such as champagne, dark purple, royal blue, etc. So be creative and explore the choices that you have.

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Claire works in the marketing team at Brillopak, a premium quality Robotic packaging machinery manufacturer in the United Kingdom. In a former life, Claire worked as a content specialist and loves writing, reading & cooking.

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