Simple Hacks For Winding Down

Written By Alla Levin
February 02, 2018
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Hacks For Winding Down

Creatives and entrepreneurs are driven individuals who push themselves to achieve more every day. If you pause for breath, you will probably realize that you are so focused on your goals and ambitions, and now you have very little time left to relax and wind down. However, making time for yourself is essential if you want to maintain the work rate you have set without burning out.

Clever ways to exercise

Creatives and entrepreneurs

Countless health experts and fitness gurus claim that exercise is an essential component of living a healthy life, and there is plenty of evidence to support the idea of hacks for winding down.

Nevertheless, if you don’t enjoy going to the gym or taking a morning run, it can be hard to find the motivation to fit exercise into your routine.

The trick is to find something you enjoy doing and want to make time for, rather than viewing exercise as exhausting and inconvenient. Be creative, and remember any physical activity will be doing you good; you don’t have to start training for a marathon unless you want to!

Taking the dog for a walk is a wonderful way to exercise, and if you don’t have a dog, some agencies can match you with dogs needing walkies. Horseback riding may not sound like a challenge as the horse carries you around, but it’s surprising how many muscles are engaged and gently stretched as you move with the horse.

The idea of a country hike may not fill you with joy, but what if you could do a treasure hunt?

Geocaching and metal detecting are modern forms of treasure hunting, where you will be so focused on finding the “treasure,” you won’t notice how many miles you’ve walked in the process.

Playing sports that you love and introducing an element of competition can also be a diverting form of exercising. There are sports and games to suit all ages and abilities, so don’t assume sport won’t be your thing. Smashing a squash ball against a wall can be a fantastic way to reduce stress levels!

Family and friends

friends with whom you can relax and feel comfortable

Our families and friends are among the most important and precious things in our lives, but entrepreneurs can lose sight of this in their drive to succeed. Working all hours and neglecting your family won’t benefit anyone, but making time for loved ones and enjoying their company will reduce overall stress.

Spending time with your family should be a priority in your life, but often, it gets bumped down the to-do list. Finding time to get involved with activities the whole family can enjoy needn’t be a major undertaking; it could be as simple as having a board game evening or cuddling up to watch a good movie.

A night out with friends can be a fantastic way to switch off from your work life. Whether you like to have everyone over for a pizza and a good laugh, or if you prefer to throw some moves in a nightclub, being around friends with whom you can relax and feel comfortable is a great tonic.


No, you don’t need to sit and repeat chants for three hours to meditate successfully! There are plenty of guided meditations available that can be as short as ten minutes. Meditation is just a deep state of relaxation, and there are many ways to experience the benefits without being involved in anything mystical or religious if that puts you off.

The growth of mindfulness as a relaxation technique has proved to be very successful in encouraging people to take a few minutes out of their day to clear their minds and give their brains and bodies some breathing space.

Hacks for Winding Down Alcohol & Stimulants

Alcohol & Stimulants, marijuana

While it’s not advisable to reach for a bottle of spirits after a long, stressful day, alcohol can be perfectly enjoyable in moderation. For example, a nice bottle of red wine with a special meal, a girl’s night on the town with fancy cocktails, or a four-pack in front of the ballgame with your buddies can be wonderful ways to wind down and socialize.

Just be aware that whatever alcohol you choose should complement the activity. If you reach for the bourbon every night after work, alarm bells should be sounding.

Overindulging in alcohol can devastate our mental and physical well-being, with it being classified as a depressant. It can cause your mood to plummet after a heavy night on the tiles, rather than providing you with a nice, relaxed feeling.

While illegal in many states, marijuana is world-famous for its relaxing effects. The cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years for medicinal properties and to aid spiritual enlightenment.

If you are looking to explore the benefits of cannabis in Kingston or another location, it is essential to educate yourself on local laws and regulations surrounding its use, as well as seek guidance from a reputable dispensary or medical professional. Furthermore, it’s important to prioritize responsible consumption and to engage in open and honest conversations with healthcare providers or knowledgeable experts to ensure safe and informed usage.

Those who enjoy it say they become relaxed, untroubled, and often feel like laughing. Sensations of floating heightened sensory perception and relief from pain are also widely reported.

Marijuana encourages peacefulness and calm rather than aggression and violence. Smoking is still one of the most popular forms of ingestion, and there are a variety of ways of inhaling the drug, including via a vape, but it can also be consumed in edibles (like the famous hash brownies!).

It is best to consult experienced and understand the techniques involved in information and advice, like the experts at leafbuyer.


stress-free moments Puzzles

Sudoku, crosswords, whatever appeals to you; it doesn’t matter what, but by sitting down for an hour now and then with a coffee and a pen, you will soon become engrossed in working out the solutions.

There are many ways to enjoy peaceful, stress-free moments away from the daily hustle and bustle – hacks for winding down.

You may want to curl up with a good book in the evening, but if you are considering trying a new sport or trying meditation, make sure you find an expert source of reliable information to be well equipped with the knowledge you need to have the best possible experience.

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