How to Choose Tiles for your Garden

Written By Alla Levin
April 09, 2018
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How to Choose Tiles for your Garden

Whether you’ve just moved into a new property or you’ve just finished redecorating your current home, your next step is likely to start thinking about tackling the garden.

Remodeling your garden is far more of a task than completing the interior, and it can often feel like an unmanageable task. As with indoor tiles, there are hundreds of outdoor tiles to choose from, but which one is right for your garden?

Well, a lot of it comes down to the size, shape, and terrain of your land. However, there are a few general design tips you can follow to help create a truly stunning exterior to match the rest of your home.

Consider Fluidity

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It can be tempting to go for something entirely different from your interior when looking to redesign your garden. But this can disrupt the fluidity of your home and make your garden look awkward or out of place. The idea of adding tiles to your garden is that they seamlessly fit with the rest of your property.


The top question asked by homeowners when it comes to outdoor tiles is whether to go for light or dark tiles. Simply put, the same rules for your interior apply for your garden too. Poorly lit gardens won’t benefit from dark tiles as they will only further contribute to the smaller feeling of the space. A general color rule to live by, whether it be interior or exterior, choose lighter colors for places with low light and darker tiles for areas with lots of light.


Outdoor Tiles

The material you choose is not only a practical choice but one based on the design too. For outdoor tiles, you want to look for strong, durable tiles that can handle the elements without diminishing or breaking over time. Generally, when tiling a patio or floor space, you should look for a natural, thick tile.

Slate floor tiles, for example, make excellent tiles for patios since their natural material can handle the harsh environment of your garden. If you’re looking to tile a wall outdoors, any porcelain tile would do, just remember to keep up with the cleaning and maintenance to make sure they stay looking fresh.


We just mentioned it, but maintenance is, of course, a big consideration when looking to tile an exterior space. Because these tiles will be experiencing all kinds of weather, keeping on top of their cleaning will help to keep them looking nicer for longer.

This includes making sure they are properly grouted and giving them a good regular clean with a pressure washer or damp sponge to keep that moss and algae at bay.

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