4 Tips for Going On A Camping Trip Alone

Written By Alla Levin
May 09, 2018

Tips for Preparing a Solo Camping Trip

Camping is an experience that one ought to have in his/her life. While some camping trips can be planned with friends and family members, there are others where you want to witness the beauty of the journey on your own.

In fact, a solo camping trip offers a much clearer experience where the interests and decisions of your fellow campers do not bind you. However, planning a single camping trip may require you to prepare everything exhaustively. Thus, the following tips will guide you in understand what you need before starting your solo journey and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Know the route you want to take

You may want to plan a short trip or a weekend getaway. For any such experience, you need to know about the course you are going to take. The areas of wilderness and trails for hiking that you may experience on your journey should be there in your planned route clear. Are there any facilities available for support near the area?

Which natural sources will be available on your path? You will need an answer to all such questions before planning your destination. Learn more about camping trips and outdoor activities at Ar15Scopecenter.ComAr15Scopecenter.Com_1

Divide your timeframe

You may also need to understand the right duration for the journey to reach the camping site. A strategically planned timeline needs to be there that guides you to complete a particular mile of distance in a specific time. This way, you can prepare the total time to reach the place, spending your time there, and heading back/moving forward in your journey.

You can also plan the time for your stops on the way for snacks or loo breaks. With a vivid timetable, you will find little troubles to experience delays in your camping journey. Plan this step beforehand so that you are not deciding recklessly later.

Let your friends and family know of your plan


You may be traveling along, but it is not advisable to hide this information from your family members or friends. You must share your camping plan with them so that they may know of your whereabouts at times of emergencies. You may never know that you are left stranded in a particular location, and letting others know about before starting your camping journey is your best shot. 

Travel light

You may feel like carrying as many comfort items as possible, but do note that it will only hinder your experience. Most of the times, you may waste your time keeping track of your items wherever you make a stop.

Thus, it is advisable that you pack only the essential items for your camping journey. Remember, the idea is to be free of the burdens and have a good time, so just carry what is necessary.

Your journey for a solo camping trip is in your hands. Therefore, it is up to you to utilize your time, items, and moment to the fullest. Be careful and plan carefully!

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