How to Tell if Someone is Spying on You Through Your Car, Phone or Home

Written By Alla Levin
May 10, 2018

How to Catch Someone Spying on You 

Do you ever feel like somebody’s watching you? With technology’s many capabilities, it’s easier than ever for people to do so. Check out how to catch someone spying on you by learning how to spot devices in your car, phone or home. One drawback to today’s digital age is the collapse of privacy. To use the internet or mobile technology, consumers are choosing to sacrifice privacy. 

The Obama administration famously spied on television reporter James Rosen. The government collected Rosen’s phone records, e-mails, and tracked his whereabouts.

The Rosen case was just the tip of the iceberg. In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the National Security Agency collected phone records of millions of Americans.

Like the government, private entities are equally capable of spying. The real question is how to catch someone spying on you. Read on to learn the warning signs that you are being spied on. Also, explore common tactics that spies use to watch your home, phone, and car.

Vehicle Trackers

One technological breakthrough in the digital age is Global Positioning Systems (GPS)- Vehicle Trackers. People use GPS for directions and to locate places of interest. GPS is easily accessible and available on most mobile phones.

While GPS is widely used with good intentions, spies use it to track your whereabouts. One common spy tactic is to install a hidden GPS tracker on your vehicle.

GPS trackers are available for purchase at retailers like Walmart and Best Buy. Its ability to record and store data allows a spy to review your movements. In fact, your location is transmitted to the spy’s cell phone or tablet. Amongst all the spy devices, this is one of the most powerful as they can track your every move.Vehicle Tracking

How to Locate a Hidden GPS Tracker

Now that you know how powerful a GPS tracker is, it is time to locate it. GPS trackers are small enough to go unnoticed when strategically installed on a vehicle.

You don’t need any special tools to track down a GPS tracker. All that is needed is a flashlight and a telescoping mirror. Keep in mind that spies do not have much time to install a GPS tracker. For this reason, it is usually in a hidden yet easily accessible area.

The first place to look is the wheel wells. Use your flashlight and telescoping mirror to look in and around the wheel wells. Also, if the hubcap is loose, it may indicate that the tracker was placed underneath.

Another common place for a tracker is under the bumper. You should slide underneath the bumper and feel around for any foreign objects. It is possible for a tracker to be installed on the interior of the car. A thorough visual sweep should suffice to make sure the interior is not compromised.

Spying On Your Home

If someone is tracking your vehicle, it is likely they are bugging your home as well. In this section, we explain how to tell if your house is bugged.

Before you get paranoid, there are likely to be indications that your privacy is compromised.  Perhaps there was a burglary at your home, but nothing of value is missing.

Another sign is that a colleague or acquaintance knows an impossible fact about you. Maybe the press runs a negative story about you and it is unclear how the information was obtained.

How to Sweep Your Home for a Bug

Once your suspicions are confirmed, it is time to sweep your house for recording devices. Here we are going to explain how to detect hidden cameras and other bugs.

The first step is to conduct a quiet search. Wait until it is late at night and shut off all appliances that produce sound. Listen closely for any subtle beeping or buzzing noises and track it down.

Another effective method is to shine a flashlight at the mirror in a dark room. Scan the room by shining the light across the entire mirror at different angles. For areas without a mirror, you can scan the house with a cell phone flashlight and a cardboard tube. Keep the lights off, look through the tube, and shine the flashlight next to it. If you observe a halo of light, a camera lens has been discovered.How to Sweep Your Home for a Bug_1

The next thing to do is physically search for familiar hiding places. Spy devices are often placed in high locations to provide an effective vantage point. This means you should physically inspect items on the ceiling, like light fixtures and smoke detectors. Another place to inspect is outlet covers.

A common tactic is to remove plastic outlet covers and install a spy device behind them. Look specifically for outlet covers that no longer fit flush against the wall or are no longer aligned properly. Other places to carefully inspect include furniture and bookshelves. Inspect under couch cushions, pillows, and behind photo frames.

Are Your Electronic Devices Being Tapped?

Spy Catchers LLC

Tapping phones is a decades-old spy tactic. Since landlines are no longer popular, spies are now compromising mobile technologies instead. Your mobile phone, tablet, and computer are all vulnerable to spying.

Bugging devices need access to a wireless connection and a power source to operate for a long time. The first step is evaluating the wireless connections in your home. Is there an unrecognizable wireless network that is not attributed to a neighbor?

Next, follow all wires and power supplies to see if a bug is connected. You may decide to shop for a bugging device detector to assist in your search. If you go this route, disconnect the router and all other devices connected to the network. Then you must methodically check all areas of the house to look for spying devices.

If this is all too much for you, there are companies that specialize in uncovering spy operations.  Contact a company like Spy Catchers LLC to perform a 100 percent inspection of your home and car.

How To Catch Someone Spying On You – Wrapping It Up

The widespread use of technology opens many doors to those who want to invade your privacy. Spies are likely to target your home, car, and electronic devices to uncover embarrassing or incriminating evidence against you.

To avoid this, perform thorough inspections of your vehicle and home. In more serious cases, a bug detector or professional services may be warranted. If you enjoyed this article on how to catch someone spying on you, check out our website for other great tech pieces.

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