How to Fix a Broken Marriage in 6 Steps.
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Learn How to Fix a Broken Marriage With These Helpful Tips

If you are going through trials and tribulations in your relationship, we go over how to fix a broken marriage in a few thoughtful steps. This article can be the starting point to changing your relationship with your partner for good.

Are you and your partner having trouble lately? Maybe it’s been going on for years, and you may have even taken the step of looking into divorce lawyers. Many couples can’t even pinpoint where things started to go wrong.

With the current divorce rate in the United States lingering around 40-50%, this is a common struggle many married couples face. However, divorces can be straining and messy. Many couples may wonder how to fix a broken marriage and avoid a divorce.

The truth is that fixing a broken marriage takes a lot of time and effort. It won’t be easy, but there are some steps you can take if you want to bring things back to how they used to be. Do you want to know how to save a marriage? Keep reading to discover our 6 steps to fix your broken marriage.

Step 1: Remember Why You Fell in LoveFell in Love

This step is commonly overlooked, but it’s vital in the process to fix your marriage. If you can’t remember or don’t recognize the reasons why you fell in love, then you won’t have the motivation to fix your marriage.

Think back to the beginning of your relationship. When did you realize you were in love? When did you realize you wanted to marry them? What did they do to brighten your day or make you laugh? Remembering the smallest details can help bring the spark you once had back.

Even if the habits you once loved in your partner seemed to disappear over time, remember them. They may come in handy later. Now, take out a piece of paper and write all this down. Fixing your relationship will be a long fight. You may want to look at this list when you hit rough patches and setbacks to remind yourself why you want your marriage to work.

Step 2: Break Down Communication Barriers

It’s no secret that communication is key to any healthy relationship. Still, many people struggle with open and honest communication. The most important thing to remember is that fixing a broken marriage is impossible without communication. Sitting down with your partner and listening to what they say is a great way to start repairing what’s broken.

When fights start, try to take a deep breath and focus on your goal. If you need to, spend some time alone to cool down and collect your thoughts. Then, approach the argument in a calm and rational manner. Remember your fight should not be “you vs. me”, but rather “you and me vs this problem.”

Step 3: Be Honest About Your Problemsbreaking down

Every marriage has problems, and part of fixing it is being honest about them. You may find, through breaking down communication barriers, whether you achieve this by yourself, with the help of a friend, or even as the result of a psychic reading, that your partner has been trying to tell you about problems all along. These are typically problems relating to housekeeping, raising children, and finances.

Other problems we keep hidden inside, but it’s time to air these problems out. No matter how hard you try, fixing a broken marriage is impossible if you’re harboring anger or resentment. Do you resent your partner making you give up a great opportunity at work? Are you still have trust issues after their infidelity? Do you feel insecure about a lack of affection and romance?

It can be hard to admit these things to ourselves, let alone our partners. However, these are important questions you can ask yourself (and your spouse) to help identify any underlying and deep-rooted problems in your marriage.

Step 4: Make a Plan

You’ve aired out all your problems and you might feel a little discouraged. Revealing negative thoughts you’ve been harboring and hearing the truth about your spouse’s feelings may leave you insecure or frustrated.

That’s why it’s important to make a plan shortly after talking about your problems. Now that you know what problems you are facing, take a look at your list from step 1 again. Can any aspect of this list solve a problem?Broken Marriage

Let’s say one of your biggest problems is that you feel insecure from a lack of affection. On your list, you might see that you used to love the way your spouse would kiss you as soon as you got home from work every day.

You could tell your partner that you miss this affection and ask them to make an effort to greet you at the door again. Work together as a team to decide what can solve your problems. Write all your ideas down and come up with a plan to incorporate these solutions into your everyday life.

Step 5: Reconnect With Each Other

One reason some marriages fall apart is that the spark seems to disappear. We get so caught up between work, running errands, doing housework, and raising children that we forget to nurture our own relationship.

Reconnecting with your partner is an important step. There are many ways to accomplish this. One way is continuing to communicate and making an effort to have real conversations every day.Reconnecting with your partner

If you have young children, finding a babysitter for the night could be a great way to get you two alone in a distraction-free environment. Go out to your favorite restaurant, spend the afternoon at a local baseball game, have a movie night at home, or read more bible verses together. Do the things you used to love doing together before life got so busy and hectic.

Step 6: Keep Your Promises

While you create your plan, you’ll be making a lot of promises to help save your marriage. The important part is that you keep these promises.

You may do well for a few weeks, but if you and your spouse don’t keep your promises then it’ll all come crashing down again.

Instead, make an effort to stay true to your word. With some open communication, you and your partner can help keep each other in check. Don’t be afraid to remind them of their promises if you notice them slipping. You’re in this together.

How to Fix a Broken Marriage

If your marriage has been through the ringer over the past few years, you may think it’s too late. Wondering how to fix a broken marriage means that you still care about your partner. Following the proper steps can save your marriage.

By remembering why you fell in love, breaking down communication barriers, being open about your problems, making a plan, reconnecting with each other, and keeping your promises you’ll have a better chance at fixing a broken marriage. Did you find this article helpful? Check out our lifestyle blog page for more articles like this.

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