5 Commuting Apps to Help You Avoid Accidents on the Road

Written By Alla Levin
May 16, 2018

What Commute App Are Best to Avoid Accidents While Driving

If you are used to long-range driving through your state or up and down the coast, having the best commuting apps will make your drives easier and quicker. These apps can help you avoid accidents and construction to get you where you need to be sooner.

According to the US Census in 2015, the average commute for Americans 26.4 minutes.

Luckily, technology is evolving in ways that relieve some of the stress of driving for so long multiple times a week. These apps are designed to help you avoid accidents and get to your destination easier. Driving on a certain route can change at any minute, so it is best to be prepared.

For more information on the five best commute app, read on.

1. Wazecommute app

Waze is one of the best free driving apps, as it is community-based. This means users can interact with the app to alert others to accidents in real-time.

With the real-time effects, those in your neighborhood are also able to make notes and changes to routes. If a bridge is closed or a detour is ongoing, this app allows users to know about it ahead of time.

Another large plus of Waze not seen in many other apps is the police tracker. Users will be able to report sightings of where cruisers are stationed on their travels. Avoid paying for tickets using this app or this website and keep your driving record clean!

2. Google Mapsbest apps for driving

One of the best apps for driving is Google Maps. While not community-based, Google Maps also helps to gain information in real-time. Accidents will pop up after they have occurred to warn drivers, and other routes will be suggested to help with your commute.

The driving app itself is incredibly useful, yet Google Maps kicks it up a notch with a wide variety of other features not seen in others, such as reviews and Street View. Check out Google Maps also if you’re traveling, as it can help you save money by being frugal.

3. Citymapper Transit NavigationCitymapper Transit Navigation

Gas prices fluctuate each day. Not all commuters are interested in paying for a car plus the prices in gas. Those in major cities find public transit easier than driving, which makes apps like Citymapper Transit Navigation perfect.

This app takes in and analyzes the stop locations and destination times and computes the best route to take for transit. The app factors in bus, subway, train, walking, cycling, and even taxi ridesharing times. Also, this app offers real-time alerts for delays/disruptions in transit lines.

4. SpotHeronew driving app

This app is a little different but is a new driving app designed around parking. Finding a place to park can be annoying and time constraining. With SpotHero, you reserve and pay for a spot in a garage so you don’t have to spend time trying to find one. Think of it like reserving a seat in a movie theater!

The app works in most major cities as well, where parking can be scarce. No need to leave the house early to have time to search for a parking spot.

5. MileIQMileIQ-best apps for driving

With MileIQ, you do not need to worry about logging each of your commute trips. The app uses the device’s clock and GPS to accurately notes the start/stop times, as well as total miles, are driven.

If you have a company car, MileIQ is perfect, as it allows you to categorize the trips as a business, personal, or even charity. The data then can be quickly exported as an IRS-compliant expense spreadsheet!

Best Commuting Apps and You Choose the best Commute App

Commuting is a daily occurrence for many people, especially in large cities. If you’re looking to reduce your commute times, test out these different apps and see which work best for you.

For more travel tips and commuting apps to help you on your way, check out our blog!

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