How Much is Enough: Why Portion Control Matters

Written By Alla Levin
May 30, 2018
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Why Portion Control Matters

Most people know they overeat on a daily basis.

The over-consumption of unhealthy foods is beginning to spiral out of control and with more children than ever growing up with negative messages about food, it is even more critical as adults to make a good impression on this generation.

Portion size is a significant factor in overeating, and busy lifestyles also contribute to making poor health choices in everyday life.

This mix is causing more obesity and health issues in later life so looking at ways to change your mindset to eating less is the best way to tackle this growing problem.

Take a look at why portion control matters and how it could affect the way you think about food.

Large portions make you eat more

If you have tons of food on your plate, you are more inclined to eat all of it rather than listening to that voice in your head that tells you are full.

This increase in food on your plate becomes a habit that is difficult to break, and often leads to feeling deprived if you reduce the amount.

By changing to smaller plates, you can overcome large portions and train your brain to accept a smaller portion size.

More food equals more calories

Eating out is not a typical representation

It might come as no surprise that the more food you have on your plate, the more calories you are consuming. But this increase in calories (quite often processed food examples) will see you pile on the pounds without even realizing it.

By choosing healthier foods and filling your plate with vegetables, proteins, and nutrients, you will fill up more quickly on tasty, health-boosting foods.

Larger meals cause you to skip meals

If you fill up on a huge meal, you are more likely to go without food for a longer period, which then puts your body back into starvation mode, which will make you want to eat more again when you decide to eat next.

To help you get into a regular eating cycle, click here for diet plans that work to help you gain control of what you are eating and how you think about food.

These plans also reduce portion sizes and focus on regular eating to keep metabolism steady.

Eating out regularly contributes to overeatingWhy Portion Control Matters.

It’s well-known that when you go out for something to eat at a restaurant or have a takeout that you are going to be eating more calories than probably needed for the entire day.

If you do this on a regular basis, it can start to affect your waistline and your health.

Eating out is not a typical representation of the portion size you should be eating, as eating a starter, main and dessert is a treat now and then, not something that should happen every day.

Portion control is a huge factor in helping to lose weight and take back control of your eating habits.

By monitoring your intake and making better choices, you can start to enjoy the benefits of an improved relationship with food.

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