5 Benefits Of Boarding School For Preteens

Written By Alla Levin
May 30, 2018
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Boarding School For Preteens

Are you considering sending your child to boarding school? Though a transition from day school to education away from home may be tough at first, your child may gain a lot from the experience.

Here are 5 benefits of boarding school for preteen kids.

Is boarding school the right choice for your child? Sending your child to boarding school could give him or her advantages you’ve never before considered.

Of course, you can expect that your child will receive an exemplary education that will prepare him or her for the best colleges.

But there’s more than that. Let’s take a look at the benefits of boarding schools for your child.

The Benefits of Boarding Schools Reaches Beyond Superior Academics

In tandem with that extraordinary education, there are many other advantages of a private school that will enhance your child’s learning and life experiences.

They’ll Have Great Teachers

Boarding schools can afford to hire teachers with degrees in their subjects. Often, these teachers have advanced degrees.

Because these talented teachers love the subject matter, they tend to be more passionate about sharing their subject with their students.

Furthermore, since discipline is a far smaller issue in boarding school than in public school, teachers don’t have to waste a lot of time and energy on being classroom cops.

They Won’t Be Just a Numberafford to hire teachers

In the public school system, the students that get noticed the most are those that are very smart or those with behavioral issues. That’s because it’s very difficult for a teacher to instruct to 30-40 students in a single class.

So if your child is not in those margins, he or she goes relatively unnoticed.

But in a boarding school where the average class is 10-15 students, every student is called upon to participate. The teachers know their students. Every one of them.

They’ll Be Active

Being active is essential to a healthy lifestyle. And sports and athletics are highly celebrated in boarding school.

Since they don’t necessarily offer “gym” classes, most boarding schools require students to partake in some sort of athletic activity. For those who are inclined toward athletics, they will have to the opportunity to play in any number of team sports in state-of-the-art facilities; going to regional competitions and building bonds that come with being part of a team.

For those who are not as team sports-oriented, they are still required to have movement in their curriculum – whether its equestrian sports, fitness classes or even Ultimate Frisbee!

And they won’t feel bad about being picked last for the team.

They’ll Have Access to Amazing Arts Programs

Even if your private boarding school of choice isn’t arts-focused, most boarding schools emphasize the arts in their curriculum and put tremendous value on having stellar arts programs and facilities.

In fact, there are several schools that have stellar performing arts centers and museums – as well as advanced programs in music.

For those who are artistically inclined and perhaps bullied in public school, a private boarding school gives them an opportunity to really explore their artistic talents.

They’ll Make Friends for Life

Living with others at a private boarding school can be challenging at first. Especially for international students.

But when people live together at such a young age and are rarely away from one another, they can’t help but form serious bonds. Maturing together in these intimate conditions nurtures friendships that often last a lifetime.

Furthermore, developing the ability to be flexible, tolerant and accepting of students with whom a strong friendship is not formed is also a priceless life skill.

So Is Boarding School Right for Your Child?private boarding school

There is, of course, no easy answer. There are certainly many benefits of boarding schools that you won’t find in public schools. But they won’t be for everyone.

Take the time to research the schools you’re considering and eventually you’ll know what’s right.

And in the meantime, get a little more motivated by checking out our inspirational blog full of great articles and ideas.

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