A Guide to Choosing Men’s Shirts for Bodybuilding

Written By Alla Levin
June 16, 2018

Choosing Men’s Shirts for Bodybuilding

From gym wear to streetwear to suits or dress shirts, choosing men’s shirts for bodybuilding has never been easier with this detailed guide to help you determine what your best fit and style is. Keep reading to learn more.

Despite the rise of the availability of sweat-wicking shirts from athletic gear makers around the world, experts have found that sweat-wicking can be bad for you. Choosing the right men’s shirts for bodybuilding can be a complicated affair as you need them to be functional while having other characteristics.

Thankfully for you, we’ve put together a guide for what to look for when shopping for new bodybuilding shirts. Here are 5 must-have factors all workout gear, ryder clothing, especially workout shirts, need to have.

Room to Move

Monsta Clothing sells bodybuilder tanks

When you’re bodybuilding, the wrong move could damage your muscles or tear your ligaments. Your form means everything in staying safe and building mass. Your shirts need to be able to do the job while also staying out of your way when it’s time to get to work.

Some bodybuilders enjoy the feel of fitted stretch material. However, that kind of binding can become uncomfortable after hours of lifting and stretching. That’s why lots of bodybuilders wear tanks. A tank gives you a lot more flexibility while also offering the sweat-wicking benefits of a full-on shirt.

Monsta Clothing sells bodybuilder tanks that can suit the needs of most bodybuilders.

If you’re not the tank top type, you should consider at least wearing a sleeveless shirt. Having sleeves get in the way or rest under your arms can cause chafing when you’re doing reps.

Wear whatever is comfortable but be sure to predict how hours of wearing the same garment can affect your workout.

Make Sure It’s Breathable

No matter what style you’re into, you need your clothing to be breathable. You should choose a material that will both wick up the sweat you produce while also not making you feel like a disgusting mess.

Your clothing needs to serve a few purposes. As you sweat, your body will cool. However, as most gyms are air-conditioned, you could quickly become cold. If your body is cold, you’ll be much weaker than if your body was at a warmer and more stable temperature.

You need your clothes to pick up a sweat, dry quickly, allow your skin to breathe and dry on its own, and still fit with all the cycles of washing. This is a long list of demands to put on any item of clothing, especially one that must be under stress all the time.  Choosing the right shirts for bodybuilding means you can have clothing that does the job and lets you focus on your bodybuilding.

You Know You Want To Look Good

Looking good is the best motivation

Everyone wants to look good in whatever they’re wearing to the gym.  While you might save money wearing some cut-off old t-shirts or getting the cheapest thing off the rack, quality shirts will look better than cheap ones.

Over half of all gym members admit to using their gym pass as an excuse to check out people they’re attracted to. If you want to look good to the people who want to check you out, you need to pay attention to what you wear when you go to the gym.

  • That’s all the more reason to pick out high-quality and stylish tanks or stringers for gym workout. A good tank allows you to show off your body while also showing off your individual style. It can be hard to have a unique style in workout clothing but some brands can help you look better than others.

If looking good is important to you, choose the kinds of workout clothing you want to wear carefully. Make sure the fit is right and it shows off all the parts of your body that you want it to.

Looking good is the best motivation to keep going to the gym.

You Need To Be Unique

Gym clothing tends to be generic, making it hard to stand out and show off the kind of unique person you are. Whether you’re trying to attract good-looking people or just fit in with the kind of high-quality gym that you belong to, uniqueness matters. You want to have your own voice when you’re lifting. Everyone lifts for a different reason, but the kind of clothing that you choose to wear can help you to describe why your body is the way that you do.

Choosing mens activewear shirts that bear your favorite band names is one way to show off who you are to everyone else. Another way is to have unique tanks that come in the kinds of colors that look great to you. Take your time when choosing your workout clothing because it can really affect how you feel about yourself.

Value Matters

Monsta Clothing sells bodybuilder tanks_1

When you’re choosing the best shirts for bodybuilding, you need to make sure you have something that lasts. However, since you’ll be needing lots of shirts to fit your busy bodybuilding lifestyle, you need them to be inexpensive. Otherwise, you’ll end up wearing the same shirt multiple days in a row, which is uncomfortable and could bring the risk of odors.

You work hard, and you lift hard. Your shirts need to be able to match the same level of intensity. Find material that feels comfortable on your body while also being cheap enough to fill your drawers with them.

Your bodybuilding shirts will need to be stylish and functional but durability should never be overlooked. Lots of inexpensive products can last for years, even under stressful conditions. Your shirts for bodybuilding should be no exception and should meet your demands.

Shirts for Bodybuilding Serve Many Purposes

Shirts for bodybuilding need to have the right characteristics for safety, comfort, and style. Your shirts really do matter when you’re shopping for bodybuilding gear.  Follow our guide and you’ll please yourself and anyone who happens to want to check you out at the gym. If you want to speed up your bodybuilding with creatine, check out our guide to see if it’s right for you.

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