How to Find Your Twin Flame and Start Living

Written By Alla Levin
July 13, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered how to find your twin flame, then you’re in the right place

In this article, we’re talking about the different twin flame stages and how you can find yours.

A twin flame is so much more meaningful than a soul mate. While you may have many soul mates, you will only have one twin flame.

And knowing how to find your twin flame can be life-changing. It means knowing what signs to watch for and how to respond to each stage in the process.

Let’s look at the 7 stages you must go through to find your twin flame.

1. Prep Work

This stage is all about you, not about the relationship. Think of it as the prerequisite before it’s time to meet your twin flame.

You may feel as if you have more to learn about yourself or life in general. Or you want to grow as a person before you’re able to handle such an intense relationship.

Whatever it may be, this time is important to help you prepare for the connection to come.

2. Right Before

reoccurring dreams

When you’re getting close to meeting your twin flame, there will be clues.

You may have a gut instinct that you’re about to meet someone very important. Or you could have reoccurring dreams about a great love.

The universe will throw out clues for you to pick up on. All you have to do is pay attention.

3. First Meeting

When you meet your twin flame, you’ll have a feeling of recognition. As if you have met them before.

You’ll also know that this person is about to become a very important part of your life. You just won’t know how or why yet.

All you’ll know for sure is the connection will be more intense than you’ve ever felt with anyone else.

4. Unrest

This is the time when all your prep work will come into play.

Since your twin flame is your mirror, they can start to exhibit qualities that are the opposite of yours. Such as being high-strung when you’re more laid back.

If both of you have done enough prep work, cheers to you! You’ll know how to handle the situation when it comes up.

But this can be scary to those who haven’t prepared enough. And sets off a chain reaction that leaves one of you running from the relationship.

5. The Chase

Since each twin flame relationship is unique, each will respond differently when one partner decides to leave. They can either allow them space, or they will chase them relentlessly.

Either way, this stage always ends up with separation, leaving heartache and disappointment in its wake.

6. Surrender

Time apart from each other allows each party to finish the necessary prep work. And as you grow more in understanding, the connection with your twin flame will grow as well.

Even if you have started another relationship, your twin flame will never be far from your mind. You won’t know how it will happen, but you’ll wonder when you’ll be with your twin flame again.

7. Reunion

There are signs that show when reunion after separation is possible. You can read more to find out what to watch for.reoccurring dreams_1

But you will always be magnetically attracted to your twin flame. And if you both are finally ready for it, it’s this attraction that will bring you together.

When that happens, you will experience a oneness that few people will be able to comprehend. That’s when you know you’ve met your twin flame.

Awareness Will Help You Know How to Find Your Twin Flame

When you know what to prepare for, and what to expect, you can then know how to find your twin flame and start living the life meant for you.

And now that you’ve got your twin flame, click here to read how to keep the romance alive!

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