Why You’re Missing Out if You Aren’t Using Screen Recording

Written By Alla Levin
July 31, 2018
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Why You’re Missing Out if You Aren’t Using Screen Recording

As its name indicates, screen recording is essentially a video recording captured from the screen of a device. For computers specifically, it is sometimes referred to as a screencast as well.

While screen recording itself is far from new, it is only recently that it has grown in popularity and started to become more widely used. There are several reasons why that is the case – such as the fact that built-in screen recorders are now available in iOS 11 and Windows 10, and webinar recorder software, in general,l is much more user-friendly nowadays.

Coupled with that, people have started to realize just how useful screen recording can be. In fact, if you aren’t using screen recording you’re missing out on its potential to allow you to carry out a lot of small but useful tasks.

Demonstrating What To Dodownload Ted Talks

The most notable use for screen recording is as a way to demonstrate what to do on a computer or any other device.

That is the reason why it is so often used to create tutorials and video demonstrations of software, as it allows videographers to record footage that shows the features of the software or the steps that need to be taken to perform certain actions.

However as much as this use of screen recording has become synonymous with tutorials and demonstrations – it is far from its only application, and you don’t have to be a videographer to take advantage of it.

Being able to record videos and demonstrate what to do extends to various other situations as well – especially when it may be difficult to describe what to do. For example, if you need to obtain the technical support you could record a video demonstrating the problem that you’re facing.

Conversely, if you want to provide help to others you could record a video demonstrating the steps that need to be taken to solve the problem.

Unlike other alternatives such as text-based explanations or images in the form of screenshots, screen recordings can be much clearer and deliver the information that is necessary more effectively.

Saving Content from a ScreenSaving Content from a Screen_ scs 23

Aside from demonstration actions, screen recording has another extremely useful application: It is a tool to save content from a screen.

Over the years people have grown into the habit of using screenshots (i.e. images taken of the contents of a screen) in order to save information – whether it is part of a software, text, other images, or even stills from videos.

Screen recording will allow you to do the same but in a much more effective manner.

Nowadays this particular use of screen recording is more relevant than ever – because of the ways in which people use computers and mobile devices.

Being able to save content from the screens of those devices will open up numerous possibilities – such as being able to save Skype calls or other video calls, download Ted Talks or other online streaming videos, and more.

One of the ways in which it is being used most, however, is to save ‘temporary’ content such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat posts, and so on.

Because this content is designed to disappear after a fixed period, users have started to use screen recording to capture and save copies of it. That has led to some platforms such as Instagram notifying users when their content is recorded.

Admittedly there are ethical concerns regarding saving content that you don’t own – but leaving aside those situations it should still be easy to see how useful it could be to save content from your screen.


Now that screen recording is so accessible, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it – or at very least have a screen recorder handy so that you have the option to use it if you need to.

Ideally, you should try to find one that is easy to use, such as Movavi Screen Recorder for example.

If you haven’t already tried out screen recording, make it a point to do so in the near future. It is worth noting that being able to record your screen can be quite addictive, and once you’ve seen what it can do you’ll probably be hooked.

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