Things to Consider When Buying Car Insurance

Written By Alla Levin
August 30, 2018

Things to Consider When Buying Car Insurance

Every motorist needs to consider insurance carefully. In addition to being a legal requirement, there are many different levels of cover and options to think about, and it can also be a major expense.

Here are the main considerations that you need to make when deciding on taking out car insurance. You can still get good coverage at an affordable rate using Amica insurance discounts.

Level of Cover

First, it is good to decide which level of cover is best for you, depending on your circumstances. These are your options:

  • Third-Party Only

When an accident is your fault, this will cover injuries and damage to third parties, including people, vehicles, animals, passengers, and property. It is the most basic level of cover and minimum legal requirement.

  • Third-Party, Fire & Theft

This covers the above and if your vehicle is stolen, damaged, or written-off caused by attempted theft.

  • Comprehensive 

Comprehensive covers all of the above in addition to the damage done to your car, plus there may be extras like windscreen protection. Most assume that the Third Party will be the cheapest, but this is often not the case as high-risk drivers can drive up the price of this level of cover. For this reason, you should always shop around and compare deals to find the right level of cover and at an affordable price.

Compulsory & Voluntary Excess compulsory and voluntary excess

It would help if you also thought about compulsory and voluntary excess, which could impact your premium. When you make a claim, you will have to pay a certain amount – part of this is compulsory, and the other is voluntary. This is usually waived if the accident is not your fault.

The insurer will define the compulsory excess, but you can decide the voluntary excess. The higher this figure is, the lower your insurance premium is likely to be if you know your credit score needed for a car loan.

Other Options: Buying Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement, but it can be intelligent to look into optional policies too. This includes GAP insurance and roadside assistance, which can save you a lot of money in the long run if your vehicle were to be written off. In a write-off, even a comprehensive insurance policy would only pay the vehicle’s current market value. Due to depreciation, this could be a difference of thousands of pounds, covered by GAP insurance from a specialist like ALA.

Other insurance companies also provide SR-22 form filing services; all you have to do is contact them and they’ll take care of everything. They’ll add the SR-22 endorsement to your current policy and then file the SR-22 insurance certificate with the state that requires it. This form is required by the sr22 insurance wyoming to track the driver’s insurance status, allowing them to ensure that the driver has the bare minimum of coverage at all times while on the road.

You’ll want to think about legal cover too. Having access to an auto accident lawyer to represent you if you have an accident. Insurance is an important decision when you are a motorist, and you will need to consider the level of cover, where to buy from, how much excess, and optional policies.

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