Budget-Friendly Ways Of Soundproofing Your Room

Written By Alla Levin
October 23, 2018

Soundproofing Your Room

If you’re residing in an urban area, it’s more likely that noise pollution is one of your most common problems.

With the noises coming from the factory, traffic, and even the chattering of people on the streets, it’s challenging to find rest in the comfort of your own home.  The majority of us can’t just leave everything behind and move to the suburbs.

One of the best solutions to finding peace from noise pollution is soundproofing your room. Others are hesitant to welcome this idea, though, as they think it would cost them a lot of money.

Here’s a bit of good news for you: There are tons of ideas on how you can soundproof your room cheaply.  All you need is a little bit of creativity and a huge amount of resourcefulness.  Get your inspiration from this list of cheap soundproofing ideas.

Soundproof Your Door Using Household Items

If you don’t know where to start with your soundproofing project, a good start would be your doors and windows. It can get tricky to block sounds with doors, though. Most of them are hollow and because noise can get inside easily through the gaps between the door and the frame.

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to change to a thick, high-quality, and soundproof door. You can tactically use your household items to block the noise. You can place objects such as shoe cabinets and bookshelves in front of the door’s edges. This is effective in filtering the incoming sound waves.

You can also put a thick rug or similar fabric on the floor next to your door. Bear in mind that the floor can also transmit noise. Placing a rug on the floor will take care of the gap at the bottom of the doorframe.

Absorb Sound With Egg CartonsAbsorb Sound With Egg Cartons

When it comes to DIY soundproofing ideas, one of the most popular methods is using egg cartons.  Many claim that this cheap method is effective if you want to have a quieter home. Are these claims really true? Can egg cartons really absorb sound?

Egg cartons are made of porous and lightweight material. They don’t possess enough of a physical barrier. Though they can’t really block the sounds, they can certainly reduce echo. Thanks to its undulated and uneven structure, sound waves are reverted to where they came from.

They are accessible everywhere, so you might as well give it a try. You can say goodbye to some of your cheap party decorations, but you can hold on to the empty egg cartons.

DIY Soundproofing PanelsDIY Soundproofing Panels

Soundproofing your room should not cause a strain on your financial resources.

Since more people are becoming conscious of their expenses, lots of DIY methods have popped up everywhere. Another addition to this already long list is soundproofing panels. Learn how to make your own soundproofing panels and save money in return.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Look for an affordable and accessible soundproof material that you can stash inside the panel. Mineral wool or acoustic foam is a great option.
  • Construct a wooden frame that will hold the soundproof material. Remember that you should match the panel’s size to the size of the surface you’re covering. You can use standard wood glue and apply spray adhesive over the whole perimeter of the insulation.
  • Wrap the construction with a piece of fabric once the soundproof material is already inside the frame. Use fabrics that are pleasing to the eyes.

DIY Soundproof Window Plugs

Don’t take your windows for granted if you’re soundproofing your room.

As mentioned earlier, lots of noises are coming through the windows. Purchasing new soundproof windows does not sound too economical. You can filter the sounds coming through by making a soundproof window plug yourself. The effect is similar, but it is way cheaper if you DIY.

You don’t need to be an engineer to construct a window plug. The process is easy, and of course, the materials needed are also accessible. All you need for that is a thin wooden board, a soundproofing mat, and a caulk or an adhesive.

So gather these materials and start making your own soundproof window plugs.

Block Out Noise With Curtainsnoise-reducing-curtains

Curtains don’t just make your room more aesthetically pleasing – Soundproofing Your Room. It also serves as a noise-blocker. Windows are one of the weakest spots in the room when it comes to noise reduction. Putting up some curtains on your windows is your first line of defense. They will not only make your room look more sophisticated. It can also filter noise and help give you a good night’s sleep.

Bear in mind that not all curtains have soundproofing ability, though. Many of them won’t serve their purpose when it comes to reducing noise. What you need is a set of heavy-weight and tightly woven curtains. They have several layers of extra insulation. Ensure that you also cover a few inches of the wall next to the window with curtains so that there is no leakage amount.

We all deserve to live in a peaceful and quiet environment. It’s good not just for our bodies but also for our souls. Try these affordable soundproofing ideas and take a deep sigh of relief and contentment.

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