How to Select Plantation Shutters for Large Windows

Written By Alla Levin
September 23, 2021
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How to Select Plantation Shutters for Large Windows

Choosing the right shutters for large windows can make a massive impact on your property. But finding them can seem like a herculean task. Different kinds, including louvered, honeycomb, and cellular shutters, can make your choice difficult. Add to this the number of colors, styles, sizes, and filler options.

This article below includes all the tips that you need to select plantation shutters for large windows. It will guide you through measuring your large windows and choosing the features that may work for you.

Measure Windows

To get a general idea of how many plantation-style shutters you’ll need:

  1. Measure each side of your window from top to bottom and across from one side to another;
  2. If you have both horizontal and vertical slats in your shutters, multiply these measurements together;
  3. Add an extra inch or two for each shutter if they will be sliding horizontally or vertically.

It accounts for any possible discrepancy in measurement.

Consider StylesConsider Styles

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a window treatment, look around your home and see what works with your room’s overall design.

When choosing styles, also keep in mind how much privacy you want. If your windows are large and framed by molding, traditional shutter panels might be too bulky. Meanwhile, smaller windows could benefit from thin louvers or even sheer curtains that let light into every nook of a room.

Choose Wood Finishes

Wood plantation shutters sunshine coast looks best in light-colored tones, such as maple or oak. Consider natural finishes like honey and brown. But use darker tones for spaces with dimmer lighting. Though shutters made from these lighter-colored woods are more stain-resistant, you’ll still want to apply a top coat of polyurethane every one or two years.

If you live in an area where termites are common, ask your shutter installer about chemicals that can protect against termite damage on your new window coverings.

Check Custom Installation Options

If you have large windows, custom shutters can be a great way to save money and achieve a look that perfectly matches your aesthetic preferences. But, always check whether there are any additional installation costs.

Although most companies advertise that they can easily install their products, some may not want to deal with such a large window and charge an additional installation fee. Ask before buying.

The Light Condition of Your Room

For oversized windows, such as those in living rooms or dining rooms, it’s best to select plantation-style shutters that will keep the lights out. It will help create a darker environment when needed. If you want privacy, choose double-cell shutters. If you wish for maximum light, choose single-cell shutters.

Do You Need Insulation or Noise Reduction?

If you are trying to eliminate glare or bright light, opt for insulated shutters lined with foam or other material. This way, it’s easier to control what comes into your home by determining how much light gets through.

If noise reduction is a concern, thermal curtains work wonders at absorbing sound and insulating windows from temperature changes caused by drafts or extreme temperatures outdoors.

Plantation shutters for large windows: final lines

Today, you can install large windows in homes and offices. They create a bright atmosphere and allow plenty of natural light inside. And when you use plantation shutters for large windows, you’ll get additional benefits such as acoustic insulation and stylish interior design accents.

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