Here’s What You Should Immediately Do After a Slip and Fall in a Store

Written By Alla Levin
August 29, 2019

Here’s What You Should Immediately Do After a Slip and Fall in a Store

Getting injured unexpectedly after a slip and fall is both shocking and stressing. One moment you were shopping down the aisle, and next you fell down and got a serious injury.

Injuries like these can leave their mark especially if you are an elderly person or an overweight individual.

It is natural to not know what to do when you slip and fall in a store. To help you out, we have written a small guide which highlights all the steps you should immediately take if you were in a slip and fall accident at a store.

Get Medical Help

One of the first things that you should focus on after an accident is seeking emergency medical care. If the staff of the store has someone trained in first aid, make sure to let them help you out.

After that, if your injury doesn’t allow you to properly walk, call emergency help immediately.

If you are still able to get up and walk after the accident, seek medical attention from a nearby clinic immediately.

These accidents can often cause an internal injury which is only detectable after careful examination by a medical professional. So never walk home thinking that you’re safe.

Here are some steps to take if you had a distressing injury.

Collect Evidencesteps to take if you had a distressing injury

If you had a slip and fall at a store and had an injury as a result, you are probably going to provide some evidence to your insurance company.

This is why it is so important to collect evidence and inspect the scene thoroughly.

Determine the cause of the accident. Was it caused by a wet floor? Or were there too many obstacles on the shop floor?

Or did someone intently pushed you? Whatever the reason, make sure you document it somewhere.

Identify Any Witnesses

You are going to need help if you want to get fairly compensated for the injury. Your insurance company will want significant evidence and testimony from witnesses on the scene.

If you intend to get compensation by suing the company, you’ll still need evidence and witnesses to support your case.

Try and get the contact number of other customers who were on the scene. The best way to get a contact number is to talk to the person who came to help you after the accident.

The emotionally charged scene often triggers people to leave their number with you.

Hire a Slip and Fall LawyerHire a Slip and Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall accident may sound simple, but it can often lead to significant back, spine, shoulder, or even head injury.

At times, you will have to spend days, and sometimes weeks in the hospital. This means you’ll have to pay for all the medical bills yourself.

But if you immediately call a lawyer after you have had medical help, they can come up with a strong case against the company. You can then go to the court of law and seek fair compensation for the injury.

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