Simple but Effective Tips for Clearing Drug Tests

Written By Alla Levin
February 03, 2019

Effective Tips to Pass a Drug Test

Many lives may have been negatively affected because of unfavorable drug test results. It has changed some career paths from an upward trajectory to a downward slope all because a simple hair drug test revealed some drug usage that negatively impacted job performance and the ability to work well with others.

It may have even improved their productivity, but who cares? The drug test was positive, and that’s all that matters to HR. Does this have to be the case? Well, there are reasons why organizations conduct drug tests, as shown here.

We, however, know that everything is not always cut in black and white. Therefore, we are looking at practical ways to clear fentanyl test, so no bright career or promising future will be cut short because of a little technicality like a drug test failure.

Types of Drug TestingPass a Drug Test

Before we look at ways to pass drug tests, we first need to look at some different types of tests you may have to face. Once we know these tests, we can look at how to pass each one. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of following proper urine specimen collection procedures to avoid any potential complications or discrepancies during the testing process.

Saliva (Mouth Swab) Drug Testing

This is probably the most natural type of drug test available. It simply involves swabbing the mouth with a cotton swab which is why it is also called a mouth swab test. They test the saliva collected from the mouth for the presence of any drug residue or toxins. This is a very common test used to determine recent drug use. It is only effective in checking for drug usage that has not exceeded about three days.

How long drug residues will remain in the saliva will depend on the type of drug. Different drugs will be visible for varying lengths of time. 72 hours is, however, the estimated limit for saliva tests.

Urine Drug Testing

Clearing Drug Tests

Urinalysis, which should only be done by those qualified in urine specimen collection and testing, may be the most common type of test used to check for drug usage. This is because it can show residues of drug use even after the effects of the drugs have worn off in the body.

Depending on the drugs, this test can show drug usage 30 days after use. This is most likely the type of test they will require you to take as a pre-employment requirement. You can learn more about this and other types of drug testing here:

Blood Drug Testing

They rarely do This very invasive kind of test except in exceptional situations. This test can only show the amount of any substance present in the body at the exam time. This means that it cannot be used for testing drug usage from days before. You will usually find the Police utilizing this type of test to determine the presence and level of any substances in a victim or suspect at that instant.

Hair Follicle Drug TestingHair Follicle Drug Testing

This is not a common test but may be required when they need to determine long-term drug usage. This test can show drug usage that dates back up to 90 days. This is the longest that any of these tests can show.

Clearing Drug Tests

Now that we have looked at various drug testing methods, let’s look at how we can learn how to pass a drug test, according to

Saliva Test

There are two ways you pass this test. Okay, there are three ways, and the first way applies to many drug tests. We can, however,r assume that the first way, which is abstinence, cannot apply to you.

That said, it leaves us with the remaining two ways to help you pass a saliva test even if you have taken some controlled substances. The first of the two methods we will recommend is Detox Mouthwash. The right detox mouthwash will neutralize the toxins from the drugs for a period, allowing you to go through the test without them showing. You, therefore, get to come out with a pass.

The second method is like the first, but this is Detox Chewing Gum. Chewing this detox gum will neutralize the toxins for about 30 minutes, allowing you enough time to take and pass your test. This method is very effective because it works almost instantly. Once you start chewing the gum, you will be ready for the test in 30 seconds.

Urine Test

To pass a urine test, you can try to detox your system. This may work for the occasional drug user. If, however, you are a heavy user, you may not have enough time to detoxify yourself before the test.

It also depends what you are using – for example, opioids tend to stay in your system for 2-4 days so, if it is an on-the-spot drug test, you may well not pass if you use these.  mimic human urine.

Blood TestBlood Test

Though this is pretty hard to pass, there is a solution. You can use a special detox product or program to clear the toxins from your bloodstream. Simply follow the instructions for using the product, and hopefully, you will have enough time to detoxify your body before the test completely.

Hair Follicle Test

The solution is simple if you are faced with a hair follicle test. You can get a detox shampoo that will rid your hair of toxins, allowing you to pass your test with ease.

Conclusion on How to Pass a Drug Test

There are two essential things you must note when using these products. First, be sure to get the right product. This covers both the quality of the product and its use. Second, be sure to follow the instructions strictly so you can reap the full benefits of each product.

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