Stylish Men’s Bags to Forget the Pockets

Written By Alla Levin
February 26, 2019
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Fabulous, Stylish Bags for Men to Style This Year

Every day more and more men start to implement a stylish bags for men into their fashion despite the fact that such change wasn’t necessarily dictated by fashion.

The widespread use of devices such as tablets or laptops, as well as the need of many men to go to work with their food or gym clothes has made this accessory go from an occasional accessory to almost essential.

There is no reason to carry all that stuff and overpack the pockets when you can finally choose the stylish bag that will enhance your look but primarily be very useful.

Let’s see what men’s fashion has to offer – stylish Bags for Men!

Leather Laptop Bag by I Medici LeatherStylish Bags for Men

The Backpack trend was on the rise in the last years. While it can store your laptop just fine it is probably the right moment to get your leather laptop bag and finally forget about the cheaper alternatives. Not only that they are made to last forever but such investment will prove to be useful whenever you are about to attend some official meeting where the certain level of prestige is expected. Find the best leather bag for you today that will serve you for years and get ready to surprise your colleges with style.

Messenger Bag by Ted BakerMessenger Bag by Ted Baker

This model by Ted Baker is the perfect example of a classic messenger bag for professional use. Its dimensions allow you to put a large amount of stuff and at the same time be comfortable to carry anywhere. The material is textured synthetic leather and comes completely lined. This model will prove to be the perfect choice for any young man (or those who feel so) who wants to carry it at any occasion and still remain fashionable. A perfect choice for all the college papers that needs to be carried around with a laptop.

Pepe Jeans Shoulder BagPepe Jeans Shoulder Bag

Out of all types of bags, the handbags still take the trophy in the men’s world. This shoulder bag has multiple compartments but is designed to go anywhere with the tablet. It incorporates a specific pocket for it as well as for additional accessories that you may need to carry. In the main compartment, there is a pocket reserved for your smartphone. A perfect bag for lovers of technology who just can’t seem to carry all their favorite tech in the pockets.

Gabol Tablet Bagget your leather laptop bag a


This bag in gray and black is designed to carry documents, notepad or agenda and a tablet or laptop up to 13 inches. Includes one large compartment and another on the front of the bag. Extendable handle to adjust to your size to carry as shoulder top or to reduce the size of a handle for carrying in the hand. Perfect choice for all older gentleman who wants to find a bag that is both official and stylish at the same time.

Bathing Ape HandbagBathing Ape Handbag

This handbag proposal is perfect for most youngsters. It combines several trends, such as the military style with a finish of bomber-style lining. It retakes the classic logo of the firm Bathing Ape with the maxim that the bigger it is, the better. It can be worn on the crossed shoulder and the zipper closure. It has exterior and interior pocket and will come as a great addition to every young man trying to achieve alternative look while having his useful handbag alongside him all the time.

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