Tips and Tricks for Healthier Hair When Leaving the Shower

Written By Alla Levin
February 26, 2019
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Ways to Make Hair Healthier: Tricks for Healthier Hair

Our hair gets its dose of damage daily for many reasons. We tend to forget that our diet influences the health condition of our hair the most. External factors such as pollution and the sun are also notorious enemies of your hair and young people are losing the hair in a greater number than ever.

Many of us don’t even use special hair products to maintain that excellent look but every one of us are making mistakes and doing harm to our hair when leaving the shower. These are some simple stuff that gets overlooked but they do a lot of damage to our hair in the long term. So without further ado, let’s take a brief look at what things to avoid from now on and what useful stuff can be implemented in your life so your hair can finally start to shine in a perfect condition.

Let It Always Dry Out NaturallyTips and Tricks for Healthier Hair When Leaving the Shower

Every time you dye your hair, clip in hair accessory, or simply tie your hair in a bun your hair gets a tiny portion of permanent damage that is hard to recover with time. The sad reality is that is maybe already showing visible signs of damage or potential hair loss that is going to happen in the future.

Our hair fiber is extraordinarily strong and if it breaks that is the sign that something bad is happening and your lack of awareness probably paid the price. There are countless things that both men and women do on a daily basis that can be avoided which will in return reward them with better health of hair.

For example, did you know that wet hair breaks 3x faster than dry hair? Precisely because of this it’s important not to wash your hair in haste but very gently and, of course, we should not forget about the conditioner that will allow us a smoother hairstyle. It’s interesting how many of us still don’t understand that the greatest damage done to your hair is usually during fiber

You do not have to unravel it roughly just as you step outside, but very carefully and it is always recommended to start untangling the tips and go up to the root. A trick is also to hold the hair at the root with one hand to go brushing with the other, that way the root does not suffer so much with the pulls.

On the other hand, when leaving the shower do not squeeze your hair to drain the excess water and do not wrap it around the hair and rub it. That is something you completely need to forget about doing if you want to preserve a perfect hair condition. It’s much better to have good moisture absorption towel. They are easy to find them in many stores and shopping centers.

These towels absorb much more water so all you will need to do is to leave it on your hair and it will naturally dry out without making any damage in the process. Never use the dryer if it’s not an absolute necessity. You probably already know how harmful that much of heat can be for your hair skin. Also, watch out to use combs with flexible brushes afterward and never use rubber bands that tighten the hair a accessories

Try to detangle when there’s conditioner in your hair. Another great way to avoid losing too much hair is to detangle your hair in the shower after you’ve applied conditioner to it. Just run a wide-toothed comb through the lower half of your hair to remove all knots and tangles easily.

Pay attention to detangling your hair when it’s semi-dry If you lose huge clumps of hair when you’re brushing it. That is probably because you rush to do it just as you step out of the shower. Remember that your hair is very delicate and the wetter it is the easier it will break.

So do not rush.

Now you know great Ways to Make Hair Healthier

When you get older you will be glad that you always waited a few more minutes so that your hair ages better. Just when you feel the minimal moisture in your hair start to gently brush your hair and think about implementing these practical tips in your life forever.

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