The Guide to Playing Sports in Dubai

Written By Alla Levin
July 12, 2021

The guide to playing sports in Dubai

The scorching sun, sandy deserts, and glorious malls are one way to describe Dubai. When you think about the hit summers of Dubai, most people would swear it is the last place they would expect to host sports. Sports enthusiasts tend to get discouraged, but the truth is far from it because the geographical landscape of Dubai makes it one of the best places to host sports.

And since the approval of a federal law opening participation of competitions for all residents irrespective of their nationality, you can be at ease with the government’s objective to promote sports. For those used to being active, nothing is holding you back. There are various facilities to stay active in Dubai, regardless of how hot or cold it gets. And guess what? There are also indoor sports you can still play when you want to keep busy without being outdoors.

Where to start?Where to play squash in Dubai

Are you new to Dubai or simply clueless about where to start when looking for a place to play sports in the city? Don’t fret! There are several ways to find your way around. With the help of search engines, you can find venues to play.

Book a venue and catch up with friends for a match. Interested in playing squash? Type, ‘Where to play squash in Dubai,’ and several options will pop up in the search results. Choose your venue depending on how much you want to spend per session and how far the venue is from your location. Compare the rates of different venues before booking your sports session.

6 Sports you can play in Dubai

Dubai is a city that favors sports, so regardless of whether it is the summer or winter, you can still find ways of sweating it out with some exercise. So what sport options do you have? Let’s find out.

Playing Sports in Dubai: indoor football

A good sports day is hard to enjoy in the middle of summer in Dubai, but not when you have sports facilities in the city hosting indoor football games. If you want to indulge in football, badminton, and volleyball, you can easily do so away from the hot sun. Indoor sports venues in the city offer opportunities for interested individuals to play indoors.


Is swimming a sport you would like to try out while in Dubai? Well, it sounds like the perfect sport for the summer. You can burn some calories while you cool off the summer heat in an all indoors and temperature-controlled space. In addition, you can indulge in standard swimming and other diving activities in complexes catering to those interested in taking up swimming sports.

Ice skating

Another way to cool off the heat while staying fit is a skating session at the Ice Rink. There are several ice rinks within the city where you can rent skates and head on the ice. The Dubai Mall and Hyatt Regency both have ice rinks to book a session at a fee.

Martial arts

Are you boxing, jiu-Jitsu, or karate enthusiast? Then, you will easily find a place to train and play in Dubai. Round 10 Boxing here we come. Apart from offering regular boxing classes to both men and women, it also has advanced boxing classes for those interested. Additionally, Team Nogueira is also a great place to inquire about training and participating in martial arts activities.

Skiingrain and play in Dubai

What more says summer fitness goals than a day spent skiing? Even in the hot summer, you can enjoy a day skiing and interact with penguins at one of Dubai’s largest indoor ski resorts. Ski Dubai, an indoor snow park where you can get your blood pumping by taking on the snow slope at the resort. With temperatures kept at -4 degrees, this is the perfect spot to indulge in one of your favorite winter sports.

Playing Sports in Dubai: Takeaway

Even with its burning sun, Dubai is the place to live out your favorite sport. Allowing you to enjoy both winter and summer activities, individuals have a chance to enjoy new things even with monumental temperatures outside. The different venues offer to host sports activities in Dubai, and above is more insight into how you can get in on the fun. The residents can also participate in tournaments in the city throughout the city, and thanks to the venues, they can schedule training sessions to sharpen their skills. So don’t miss out on the fun!

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