How to Stay Mentally Strong in Your Weight Loss Journey

Written By Alla Levin
March 20, 2019
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Stay Mentally Strong During Weight Loss

If losing weight is 50% about your diet and exercise, then another 50% is all about your mental strength. You can never diet and exercise properly with full dedication unless you are mentally prepared for all the sacrifices and the hard work required to lose weight.

Losing weight is all about mind games.

Your mind can make you lose weight immediately and effectively, or it can make you cheat and fail your diet every time. You must understand the flow of your determination and excitement: when you start planning your weight loss, it is natural that you are very excited about the journey initially.

You stop eating junk food, say no to your favorite things, and replace your fridge with unhealthy to healthy food products. You work out daily and do not miss your gym for any party or any movie. But as the days go by and the excitement starts wearing off, you tend to feel depressed, angry, and moody all the time.

After sulking for a couple of days, you trick your mind into believing that a single slice of pizza will not ruin anything. After all, you have been so good for so long; you deserve it. And then that single slice ruins everything, and you come back to your old routine and bad habits; eating unhealthy food and making excuses to skip the gym.

Here are some special instructions which you do not get from your gym trainer or your dietician.

CCS Surgery notes that following these tips can help you stay motivated and determined throughout your weight loss journey:

Create visualizationsWeight Loss Visualization

Imagining things that you want to achieve is the best form of determination that you can create for yourself. Create a happy place in your head where all the things you wish for come true.

Visualize yourself wearing your favorite dress that doesn’t fit you or wearing a Victoria Secret bikinis you always wanted. These images in your head can inspire you to work hard and achieve your goals.

Make small goals

Weight loss small goals

Instead of dreaming big, make small and short targets for your own benefit. Mark the dates in your journal or a calendar and plan to lose 2 kilograms in 15 days instead of 10 Kilograms in 40 days.

Making small goals can keep you consumed up and excited while a single, big goal can seem unrealistic, and after a while, boring.

Experiment with the foodExperts from Ask The Trainer

Leaving your favorite food, like pizza, chocolates, fries, or burgers, can be very difficult. People find it tough to leave these unhealthy things as the other options (healthier options) are quite simple and not so tasty.

To make your diet a little interesting, you should try different types of recipes which can be healthy as well as tasty. Experts from Ask The Trainer advise you to change your diet often to stay motivated and inspired to try new things.

Talk to your instructor

While on the diet loss plans, it is okay to feel a little demotivated after being on the plan for so long. But keeping the negative thoughts and emotions to yourself can spoil the whole process, and you end up cheating on your diet.

Sharing your feelings with your instructor can ease your difficulties and energize you. It would help if you shared your cravings with your instructor; it can help you let off the cravings, or your instructor can design your diet in such a way so that you can enjoy your food.

Keep your surroundings positivekeep on motivating you to stick to your goals,

No matter how motivated and determined we are, if we are surrounded by people who continuously try and bring us down, we will never achieve our goals. Some people in your friends and family will provoke you to bunk your gym and have a bit of an outing, but your true well-wishers will keep on motivating you to stick to your goals, no matter what.

It is high time that you should recognize these people and keep them closer, and let go of the company of all those who do not push you towards your goals and instead hold you back.

Best way to lose weight – Don’t feel disheartened

You cannot expect to have a toned body and a perfect weight in just a month or two. It would help if you continuously reminded yourself in your weight-loss journey that everything good takes time.

It is important to be patient and work hard, no matter how slow the results are. A slow result is way better than no result.

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