How to Inspire a Lifelong Love of Music with Your Kids & Grandkids Using Apps

Written By Alla Levin
April 02, 2019
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Top Apps for Spending Music Time with Grandkids

I love taking care of my grandkids, but with so many new, technological distractions, it can be hard to keep the little ones off their devices.

I’ve always wanted my grandkids to have fun, but I’d love for them to learn a little something too. Luckily, I found we share a love of music.

Music is one of the most important things for a child to experience and learn, and to make it even better, my grandkids love

it. It took a while to find the best music to share with the kids, but now we love to spend our time together making and listening to music.

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Favorite Ways to Spend Time with Children

Any grandparent knows that keeping those little ones entertained and ideally learning while not on their devices can be a struggle.

More so than just wanting them off their screens for a bit, I want to really spend time with my grandkids and get to know them. That can be hard, especially when they’re little and not quite to talking or having conversations yet.

More so, I wanted to figure out a tradition to start with my grandkids, something they can remember they loved with grandpa.

One of my favorite interests is music, though, so I hope I could find a way to share my love of music with my grandkids and inspire a love of their own.

So in poking around the web a little, I found a great list that gave lots of ideas to have fun with my grandkids through music.

Top Apps for Spending Music Time with Grandkids

The list was a huge help for coming up with some ideas to get us started. While it definitely took some more research and planning on my own, I was in good shape to start sharing music with my grandkids.

Songs and Albums for ChildrenTop Apps for Spending Music Time

While it may be tempting to simply put on some Zeppelin or The Eagles for kids and tell them to really listen, little ears sometimes need little music.

So it was a big help to have some pointers about what some of the better children’s music albums and songs were.

There are a ton of great groups out there, some bands, some organizations, that put together great albums for kids.

They’re fun, silly, and simple enough to keep the grandkids entertained, and not so insane that I can’t enjoy them too. A great resource is The Children’s Music Network, which has great options for educational songs that my grandkids just love.

Music Activities for PreschoolersMusic Activities for Preschoolers

Listening to music with my grandkids when I’m driving them around is always great, but I wanted them to love and appreciate music on a deeper level.

So when my grandkids were between 3 – 5 years old, I looked into some musical activities for them to do.

They weren’t quite ready for real instruments yet, so I just wanted them to start learning how they can react to and make music however they want.

I found these great “action songs for preschoolers” which are great for helping them learn how to physically interact with music. Believe me, it looks like my grandkids are gonna be some wonderful dancers!


My grandkids are learning to love music as much as I do, and it’s a joy to watch them grow and experience music for the first time.

I hope they remember me when they think of their favorite music and the songs we shared together. I love spending time with them, and with just a little research, I was able to make an impact in their lives and have tons of fun too.

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