Five Things About Château Margaux That’ll Excite Any Wine Snob

Written By Alla Levin
April 02, 2019

Check Those Things About Château Margaux That’ll Excite Any Wine Snob

Only a few wine estates all over the world can be, without a doubt, dubbed to be iconic. And Château Margaux is undoubtedly among them.

This wine estate sits, in an imposing manner, in Bordeaux’s Margaux appellation, where it has manufactured state-of-the-art wine over the past years.

If, for instance, you find yourself making some polite conversation at a party or any event, and you find yourself in an uninteresting and tedious lecture for a wine snob, worry not. There’s a try-and-tested solution for that.

Just plainly mention or bring up Château Margaux. By doing so, those wine snobs will, for sure, perk up!

To excite them even more, you can also talk about these five facts about Château Margaux, and you will, for the most part, impress any wine snob, even the most unflappable and serious wine aficionado.

Château Margaux’s Winery Was Designed By Architect Norman Foster1787 château margaux

The reputation of the British superstar architect Norman Foster precedes him. Therefore, it was no shock or turned up for the books that he was selected to plan and outline the Château Margaux’s building.

Architect Foster designed the Nouveau Chai, an ultramodern or modernistic winery estate facility for white and red wine.

If you look at it from afar, you might think that the facility had always been there. The outer structure of the building is, believe it or not, seamlessly incorporated into the current architecture.

Once you enter the state-of-the-art wine estate building, you’ll find yourself at the innovative and pioneering winemaking technology.

Château Margaux Shares a Managing Director With a Popular American Winery

Paul Pontallier, Château Margaux’s charming and fascinating managing director, passed away last April of 2016. He had been in the estate since 1983 and ruled out as a managing director in 1990.

In this timespan, Mr. Pontallier has surely seen and monitored an era of consistently high-quality winemaking.

Following his early passing, the Château Margaux delegated Philippe Bascaules to pursue the works of Mr. Pontallier. The two had already worked together before at Margaux.

Château Margaux Was The Best Wine in Bordeaux in 2015

Popular American Winery

In April, each year, the media and wine trade goes to Bordeaux to taste samples of the preceding year’s vintage, and determine what’s worth buying emanated on potential quality.

This observance is, for the most part, called en primeur campaign.

Last April of 2016, the famous and popular wine experts of the world headed to the region and made their verdicts about the 2015 vintage.

Even though the Bordelais might try to imply that there’s no such thing as a second-rate vintage there, 2015 was a year of being good and great.

The Bordeaux’s Margaux appellation muddled through the event very well, and placidly Château Margaux gained a lot of praises and high scores.

In conclusion, Château Margaux was voted as the best wine in Bordeaux in 2015.

Thomas Jefferson Adored Château Margaux

The third president and the founding father of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson, loves wine and stockpiled a lot of great wines from all over the world.

Thomas Jefferson’s love of the robust wines of Portugal and Spain paved way to that of the state-of-the-art wines of France.

In fact, he personally went to the vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux. Plus, he said that there’s no better wine than Margaux.

Château Margaux’s Reputation Was Not Always OutstandingChâteau Margaux Was The Best Wine in Bordeaux in 2015

Undeterred by the estate’s first growth classification, Château Margaux hasn’t consistently relished the outstanding and stellar reputation we now fail to appreciate.

During the ’60s and ’70s, the Château Margaux performed less well than expected, and the fame of its wines took a dramatic dive or plunge.

It was not until the Château Margaux was purchased by André Mentzelopoulos in the year 1977 that things begun to change for the better.

He invested deliberately in innovative and modern winemaking techniques and employed the services of famous and distinguished Emile Peynaud.

Why Try A Margaux?

We can give you three reasons to try a Margaux. One, an obvious prerequisite, which means, if you have a passion or love for Cabernet blends.

Two, you like a supple, polished red wine. According to many, Château Margaux makes the smoothest and debonair of Bordeaux’s red wines, thanks to its riverbed soil.

The third reason is that you are ready to go back to basics and find out why most wine regions of the world take after Bordeaux.

There is no doubt that Bordeaux is the New World of winemaking, with an emphasis on the business and estate of winemaking.

TakeawayChâteau Margaux

If you find yourself in a dull conversation with a wine snob, these five facts about Château Margaux will surely help you get through it.

Those wine buffs will surely perk up and get impressed with Château Margaux, even the serious and unflappable wine aficionado.

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