Regaining Your Period After The Secondary Amenorrhea Scare

Written By Rohan Biswas | A Blogger And Professional Writer
April 02, 2019
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Period After The Secondary Amenorrhea Scare

Amenorrhea happens when a woman misses one or more menstrual periods while secondary amenorrhea transpires when a woman stops having her period for more than six months despite having a previous normal menstrual cycle and with no signs of pregnancy.

Recent studies show that women, who undergo secondary amenorrhea, have that strong urge to pull away from society and shut themselves down.

As one of the symptoms of depression, secondary amenorrhea makes women lose their interest in their day-to-day activities, embrace depression and the feeling of melancholy, and abandon their healthy appetite for sex.

Depression takes a heavy toll on women’s bodies as a whole, and some of them develop severe depression, which fans the flames of suicidal thoughts. If you are one of those women who is experiencing such a condition, here’s a no-nonsense guide for you to combat the missing menstrual cycle and feel the feminine grace once again.

Munch What Your Body Deservescut all processed foods

What people don’t realize is that on any given day, most of them are ingesting GMOs, trans-fats, MSG, and other harmful toxins that can wreak havoc on their bodies. For women especially, who started experiencing missed or irregular periods, it is crucial for them to be picky about what they consume daily.

They must switch to eating a healthier organic diet with a variety of pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, grass-fed and grass-finished meat, and organic poultry. At the same time, they must cut all processed foods loaded with too much sodium, sugar, and fat, which usher other severe health conditions other than amenorrhea.

So, instead of craving an unhealthy meal, women must kick start a healthy lifestyle routine by choosing the best food for their bodies and overall health and learning to determine seemingly healthy foods that are bad for them.

Start Breaking Up With StressThe Secondary Amenorrhea Scare

The truth is there’s never an adequate body of research at present that may explain the relationship between stress and secondary amenorrhea but what was proven is the fact that stress inhibits the normal functioning of the hypothalamus, which controls the pituitary gland, which, sequentially, influences the ovaries, adrenal, and thyroid glands.

Since stress harms the part of the brain in charge of hormone production, then one’s hormonal levels become chaotic, causing changes in the regularity and period of women’s menstrual period.

Furthermore, too much stress can negatively affect women’s health as it manipulates the digestive system into working hard, which may then cause stress symptoms like frequent urination, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Regulating one’s stress levels is not a walk in the park and eliminating it from one’s system is not feasible, but there are effective coping mechanisms to reduce it like soaking in a relaxing bath with essential oils and bath salts at most three times a week.

Other ways include reading a good book before bedtime, making time for sex with your partner, or just learning how to be present to the moment and being mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Telling Your “Inside” Storyuse a Prometrium coupon

To enjoy the glow of good health, women must contact their family doctor at the onset of amenorrhea in their lives. There is a need to do a pregnancy test for secondary amenorrhea, but if the result is negative, there will be other tests to rule out or establish a cause. A visit to a medical doctor is essential, especially if women are coping with depression, so the former may refer them to therapies or counseling sessions.

Doctors may also prescribe drugs like Prometrium, which women can secure using a Prometrium coupon, to have their monthly periods return perfectly back to usual and other medications if they experience other symptoms like hair loss, vision changes, and pelvic pain, among others.

Since secondary amenorrhea can be the harbinger of other severe hormonal problems, there is a strong need to find the underlying causes that may require more than one kind of medical examination.


Some women may find amenorrhea advantageous since they would no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of using sanitary napkins that do not allow the skin to breathe apart from the aches and pains that the monthly menstrual cycle brings to women’s bodies.

However, women must realize that the absence of their monthly periods, substantially if they are not pregnant, might be a potential sign of a long list of health problems or acute conditions.

Women must find ways to fix the amenorrhea issue in their lives so their bodies can heal to get their energies back and feel happier in their skin once again.

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