The Different Types of Outdoor Signs That You Can Choose for Your Business

Written By Alla Levin
April 07, 2019

Discover These Types of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

Undeniably, outdoor signage is a valuable tool to advertise your brand or business. It is a cost-effective, instant eye-catcher that can reinforce your brand and draw attention to your brand’s message.

Thus, it’s wise to incorporate outdoor business signage into your marketing arsenal. There are different types of outdoor signs that you can choose for your business, ranging from basic popups to commercial banners and flags. You must know more about them to make informed decisions for your business marketing.

There are different types of outdoor signs that you can choose for your business. You must know more about them to make informed decisions for your business marketing. When selecting outdoor signs for your business, it’s crucial to consider top quality custom ADA signs to ensure both inclusivity and professionalism in your signage solutions. So here’s a comparison of the different types of outdoor signs for that purpose.

Bannersexterior business signs - banners

As one of the most versatile exterior business signs, banners can be hung almost anywhere. They come in different sizes and are known for their durability. You can choose small, medium, and large banners according to your needs.

Banners are perfect for displaying outdoors because they can’t be damaged easily even in harsh conditions.

They also come with hanging accessories, such as pole pockets or grommets, for easy installment and transportation.

The cost of one banner will depend on its size. Small banners can cost less than $15, while large ones can go up around $350.


 feather flags

Area less expensive form of advertising. They come in different types, namely: standard flags, feather flags, and spirit flags.

You can display or hang flags using a PVC pipe or a commercial flagpole outside your business establishment. If your location is a little bit windy, then flags are ideal because it can be quickly moved by the wind to draw people’s attention.

However, flags have a low grade when it comes to durability. Although they do alright in mild conditions, flags can easily be torn or damaged in harsh conditions. You can choose small, medium, and large sizes of flags. Like banners, they are versatile and easy to transport. Their price varies depending on size, type, and accessories.

Aluminum SignsAluminum Signs

This type of outdoor sign is commonly displayed in parking lots, but you can also hang aluminum signs to a metal pole or a wall. You can find them in various sizes – small, medium, and large – and they can withstand both mild and harsh conditions due to their durable material.

Aluminum signs are also versatile and easy to move. Their price varies according to size, but you can assure that they won’t cost you a fortune.


A-frames, or sidewalk signs, are ideal for boosting traffic to your business. They are typically displayed immediately outside business offices or establishments. The frame is often made of plastic, and the printed sign can be a corrugated plastic, vinyl decal, or hard rigid plastic.

A-frames commonly have a 24” x 36” measurement for its size, but you can also opt for a larger size than this one. They are durable, and you can reinforce them with sand or water to resist both mild and harsh conditions.

You can also fold A-frames for easy transportation and storage. The price of this type of outdoor sign is in the middle range.

Yard SignsYard Signs

Yard signs are often used for political campaigns. But they can also be an ideal and affordable way for business advertising. Yard signs are lightweight, and they come with accessories like grommets or wire stakes for easy installment and transportation.

Using grommets, you can hang a yard sign against a fence, or you can use wire stakes and place your yard sign on the ground. You can also opt to cut a yard sign according to your preferred shape. Yard signs come in small, medium, and large sizes. They are perfect for displaying in locations with mild conditions. And, yes, their price won’t break the bank.

Backlit SignsBacklit Signs

Backlit signage is an adhesive vinyl put in front of a light source (typically a lightbox). Once you turn on the lightbox, you can see more clearly the colors of the sign. Backlit signs are ideal to use during the night when its visuals are more apparent. They are durable, and you can use them inside or outside your business establishment.

You can choose small, medium, large sizes of backlit signs depending on your needs. Their price is rather expensive than the types of outdoor signs mentioned above. You can check out ShieldCo custom backlit signages if you want to install one for your business.

Rigid Plastic Signs

Rigid plastic signs share some similarity with yard signs, except the fact that rigid plastic signs are made with more durable plastic. They are ideal for safety, directional, real estate, trails, and park signs. Rigid plastics come in a variety of cuts, such as standard cut, contour cut, halo cut, rounded corner cut, and rectangle cut.

You can choose small, medium, large sizes of rigid plastic signs. Since they are made with durable plastic, they can’t be easily damaged when displayed in harsh conditions. You can hang them using zip ties, velcro, screws, or 3M command strips.

Window DecalsWindow Decals

Window decals are common outdoor signs used by many business industries, especially in restaurants or stores for advertising. You can choose clear, frosted, or opaque varieties of window decals. You can opt to display window decals inside or outside the window of your business office or establishment. Window decals come in different sizes from small to large. They can also withstand both mild and harsh conditions. They cost from low to high price range depending on the size.

High Adhesive DecalsHigh Adhesive Decals

You can apply high adhesive decals to different types of surfaces, such as cement, wood, brick, and metal. They are durable which makes them one of the best outdoor signs today. You can find high adhesive decals used in the construction and real estate industries.

High adhesive decals come in a variety of sizes from small to large, as well as cut options, including standard, halo, and contour cuts. They can resist wind, rain, and dirt. The price of high adhesive decals ranges from middle to high.


Outdoor signs are useful in advertising your business. That’s why you should know the different types of outdoor signs that you can use to reinforce your advertising efforts. You can use flags, banners, aluminum signs, yard signs, backlit signs, rigid plastic signs, A-frames, high adhesive decals, and window decals for that purpose.

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