Planning the Perfect Vacation: A Guide

Written By Alla Levin
April 15, 2019
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Organizing an unforgettable getaway can be challenging. After all, you might be torn between the best destinations to travel to, or there might be unforeseen obstacles you will want to avoid along the way. If you are dreaming of a superb trip at home or abroad with your loved ones this year, ensure you don’t make one big mistake by reading the following guide to planning the perfect vacation.

Pick the Right Destination

Think carefully about the type of vacation you want to experience. For example, if you want to immerse yourself in fun and entertainment, you cannot go wrong with Orlando, Florida, or Las Vegas, Nevada. The Great House Barbados might be the best choice for a Caribbean holiday getaway.

However, if you want to soak up a rich history and enjoy a laidback backdrop, look no further than Provincetown, which you can learn more about at

Time Your Visitset a realistic vacation budget.

Various factors can make or break your vacation abroad. For example, you would be smart to avoid a beautiful destination during peak season, school holidays, or poor weather conditions. For example, Mexico should be avoided during hurricane season, which runs from June to November. While many of Turkey’s bars, restaurants, and attractions will close once summer is over, which can leave vacationers sorely disappointed.

Set a Realistic Vacation Budget

Before you book a flight and hotel, familiarize yourself with a destination’s average prices so that you can set a realistic vacation budget. For example, you should learn more about the average cost for:

  • Accommodation;
  • Food and drinks;
  • Transportation;
  • Attractions.

Giving special emphasis to your accommodation, it is important that you find a place that is perfect for your budget. Whether you are planning to stay in a property managed by a vacation rental franchise or simply staying at a hotel, make sure to identify all the costs associated with it.

It will ensure you have enough cash available throughout a vacation, so you will not need to spend most of a trip worrying about your finances.

Always Read Reviewsread impartial reviews

While a website might feature beautiful photographs and promotional videos of a hotel or attraction, you must make an informed choice before you book a vacation. The likes of TripAdvisor will allow you to read impartial reviews from previous guests, who will rate the accommodation, food, cleanliness, and more. The reviews could prevent you from making a big mistake or could convince you to book a hotel or attraction.

Select the Best Flight Times

Always consider flight times before you book a vacation abroad. While catching the red-eye might be $50 cheaper, it might not be worth the saving if you are struggling with jetlag during your getaway.

You also must consider:

  • Short connection times
  • Long layovers
  • Early or late arrivals
  • The airport transport options available at that time

Browse the Market for the Best Deal vacation deal

Never accept the first vacation deal you find. By browsing the market for the best price, you could secure the same hotel and flights for a fraction of the cost. However, ensure you are 100% confident before booking a non-refundable deal, as you might want to change hotels or a destination at a later date. So, thoroughly research a destination, select the right flights for your needs and budget, and always read impartial reviews to ensure you book the perfect break away with your loved ones.

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