Moving Abroad: A Considerable Checklist Worth Taking Into Account

Written By Alla Levin
January 17, 2018
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A Considerable Checklist Worth Taking Into Account when Moving Abroad

Depending on your means of traveling abroad, you may actually save money by going with Haute charter flights to Los Angeles, California; According to, “Red carpets, breathtaking scenery…healthy menu items…just a few of the things you can expect….when you book Los Angeles charter flights.”

How could this possibly save you money? Well, what sort of oceanic crossing, overseas relocation, is your preference? If you’re going with a commercial airline, you’re subject to the security and delays which surfeit such solutions. If you’re driving, you could deal with wrecks, road construction, inflated gasoline, and weariness.

All these things can prevent you from making it to your intended destination on time. If you miss an overseas flight, booking another can be expensive, and treading water in an international community like LA is itself a costly proposition. Even if you find some roach motel in the city, you’re likely to find it’s more costly than fine inns from the Midwest.

Collateral Savings

Collateral Savings

Time is money. Collateral savings are still savings, and they may not be so tangible as you would prefer. For example, consider baggage. If you’re hauling baggage everywhere internationally, this can tire you out and stress you out. When you’re stressed and tired, you’re more likely to make poor choices.

If you make poor choices at a critical juncture while you’re abroad, you may very well find yourself “without a paddle,” as the saying goes, in an unfamiliar land. So by saving money through carting your bags around yourself, you could actually end up jeopardizing the entire extra-national jaunt to a new land.

Meanwhile, if you use solutions like those available at, you can ship: “…personal belongings across the USA, UK, throughout Europe and over 200+ countries worldwide.” This means you can send your bags ahead and forget the hassle.

If you’re traveling, you’re likely not doing so because you enjoy having to deal with difficulties during the journey. Your journey may be as much about the transit as the destination, but in either scenario, you want to be able to appreciate what’s going on fully.

When you’ve strategically managed to secure travel arrangements and baggage handling solutions, the next thing you want to consider is your paperwork. Is your passport in order? Do you have a valid ID? Do you have an invitation to the country you’re planning to visit, and have you back all these things up physically and digitally?

Certain countries in the middle east are apt to hold Americans prisoner if they can get away with it. But if you’ve got all your paperwork in order, you can get out of some pretty tight spots. It’s advisable to avoid traveling in areas where political and social unrest is changing everything, but sometimes you have to—like if you’re a journalist, for example.

You also want to have emergency funds recognized internationally available to you at a moment’s notice. The U.S. dollar still has some measure of weight to it, but it may not be a bad idea to have jewelry or some other such international valuable on your person as well.

Put diamonds in your hair to hide them from security if you have to. Wear your jewelry, then store it away somewhere enterprising tourist exploiters can’t find it. Keep a wad of several thousand dollars’ cash hidden somewhere on your person. Money belts that strap under your clothes are wise. Putting money in your socks makes sense, too—though this isn’t desirable, obviously.

Final Considerations

Strategic Travel Comfort_2

Finally, know the duration of your stay. You always want an exit strategy if things don’t go how you like, but if you don’t know your duration, you may not employ such a strategy as you need.

If you’re moving permanently, you need to make arrangements in your home country as well. But provided you keep this and all the other items explored here in mind, you’re likely to enjoy your travels and remain safe as you explore wild new lands.

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