Non-stop Advertising Through Promotional Water Bottles

Written By Alla Levin
April 26, 2019
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Check how advertising through promotional water bottles works

As hard as it may be to believe, offering branded water to others is actually a viable marketing strategy; it is an oldie but a goldie and you are not out there making any false promises.

The point is that all human beings need to consume water regularly, and you can use this to base an entire marketing strategy.

You would not be selling anything at the moment but just handing out bottles of water with your company logo clearly marked on the sides.

This will enable the public to become more aware of you as a viable brand; this is what is generally known as a branding strategy.

Check out some of the ways, by which you can capitalize on using this strategy

Reception areawater bottle promotional products

The first thing, before you start handing out those bottles of water to everyone is to make sure that each bottle carries your logo right front and center.

And once you confirm the same, make sure that your name, company ID, email address and phone number are clearly listed.

Once you confirm the same, all that’s left is to hand the bottles to the public; you may want to start off by targeting those customers who walk in via the reception.

Make sure that each customer is greeted by an attractive person and then handed over the bottle, that’s it.

These promotional water bottles would soon have the desired action and you got to be a little patient until then.

Charity runs/ walks

You may see announcements of charity walks or runs on the local newspaper.

So head over there, and target the participants and as they participate and walk/ run, they are bound to feel quite thirsty and the first thing that most of them would do is to open up your bottle of water and take a gulp.

And as they drink the water, they are bound to see the logo. This is what branding is all about; promotional gifts that sit up and make you take note.


A trade show is a perfect place to meet a new customer. It is a trade show, and as customers walk around, checking out various displays, they are bound to feel a little thirsty.

And that’s where a notice board, asking customers to grab water should get you all the attention you need. And as soon as they come over and start drinking the water, they will notice the logo, all over again.

Company meetings

Apart from trade shows, you can also take your bottled water along to company meetings as well.

It should certainly set the tone for the rest of the meeting and you can drink the water and even get the others to have a sip. It would certainly put them at ease.

promotional camelbak water bottles

Your community must have several events each year; your company can host these events or you can participate in the same.

But the point is that you can also bring your bottles along to these events and pass it to all and sundry.

It should certainly help the word to get around and should go some way to helping you rebrand yourself with the help of your water bottle.

These are some of the ways by which you can effectively rebrand yourself from scratch.

You do not even have to spend any ad money but instead, you can just focus on concentrating on these events and you should be able to get the word around.

Do remember that the more people are interested in a product, the more likely it is that they would visit the home page of that particular product.

o the one thing that you can count on is that more visitors would land on your page as a result of your branding efforts. In the end, all that it took you was a single bottle of water, with the logo clearly marked to the side.

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