7 Creative Ways How to Make Money on Instagram

Written By Alla Levin
May 16, 2019
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Can you Make Money on Instagram? Heck, Yeah!

Instagram is one of the interactive platforms which has evolved magically with time.

Having been engineered as a photo-sharing app, it has emerged to be one of the biggest e-commerce platforms.

In the recent past, It has become a real marketing force with many brands allocating a substantial amount of their digital marketing budget to this platform.

Are you seeking to find out how you can make good money on your Instagram account?

Don’t sweat! I’ll guide you through proven ways to make money on Instagram.

Luckily, the platform provides a great set of tools for the best performance.

Check a few of my previous publications that will help you to understand the latest Instagram trends:

Affiliate Marketinghow to make money on instagram

You can sell other people’s products while earning yourself a cut. Often bloggers use this strategy to promote their affiliate products through side-bar posts or specific product inspired posts. It is not any different from Instagrammers.

Since this platform has over 700 million monthly active users, and a whopping 400 million daily users, it is a massive potential marketing opportunity.

You will need to post beautiful photos highlighting their useful features and drive sales through the affiliate link, usually provided by the affiliate.

You May Consider Reaching Out to Online Merchants Offering Affiliate Programs Such As:

  • This is an affiliate program that operates through a tire based commission. It’s an open door for everyone wishing to make extra money.
  • This program invites only fashion and lifestyle marketers and offers a 20% commission on sales
  • Amazon’s Affiliate Program. This is one of the most popular affiliate programs that pay a 10 % commission on sales.
  • This offers people to find affiliate companies to work with. After finding a good company, you sign up and once approved, you start promotion immediately.
  • With Ebates, you refer people that love deals and discounts; then you get your cut.
  • Stylinity: This program is ideal for fashion bloggers. You promote fashion brands, and when people start using your link, you will get a commission.

Once you get the affiliate link for the products, you can insert it into your bio or link it up to your blog so that when people purchase through the link, you get a commission.

There are some other ways to get some real money casino new zealand is an option.

Sponsored Posts on Instagramhow do you make money on instagram

Instagram users with active followers can create money through generating original sponsored content, a photo or video highlighting the brand’s utility.

You should also accompany the contents with customized hashtags or mentions.

It’s advisable to promote brands that promote your image on social media.

The idea is to be able to demonstrate to users how the brand is a good fit for you since this forms the most significant force of influence.

TapInfuence and Influence are some of the great tools to use when looking for sponsored content and available brands for promotion.

One the Instagram success secrets is to know your niche and do your best to find your target audience.

Whether you write about business trends, tech news, make up reviews, personal growth or best casinos in usa – know your niche and constantly generate new content.

Imagine, if you start running an Instagram sharing your experience and all things best casinos in the US.

The level of interest form your readers will be boosted if you share your personal experience of winning at any of one the best casinos.

Why not get sponsored?

Sell Photos on InstagramHow to Make Money on Instagram

Since Instagram is a photo-sharing app, a lover of photography can transform the photos into assets by licensing them, and sell them through various markets.

This strategy requires someone who has an active online presence to engage the right audience consciously. Correct usage of hashtags and descriptions gets your stuff noticed by the right photo agencies.

There are many marketplaces for your photos like 500PX and Twent20 where they get licensed. If you want to see them as prints on pillows, potters, etc., Printful and Teelaunch are the best service providers.

Your photogenic images and take the initiative to offer your audience the opportunity to buy your photography.

Promote Your Business on Instagrameverything you need to get started with Instagram stories.

Instagram is a wonderful platform for promoting business. If you sell physical products, for instance, you can post their pictures that can be found on your website.

Instagram stories are perfect for this, check everything you need to get started with Instagram stories.

On getting more creative, you can get customers to share your products through your hashtags.

You may also use post photos of your product either being wrapped or being packed.

That way, you are adding a sense of reality to your business. This is a successful proven strategy to make more money and stand out from the crowd.

Participate In Conversations Related To Your Niche

You will need to check out hashtags that are closely related to your brands and participate in their trending stories.

As you engage with participants, you are likely to harvest a new following.

And who knows they will not turn out to be potential repeat customers for your brands?

Check how you can boost your Instagram following with these 3 simple hacks.

Collaborate With Influencers on Instagram


View this post on Instagram


Makeup Tiger. Link in bio.

A post shared by Tati Westbrook (@glamlifeguru) on

Reach out to influencers, comedians, and other celebrity personalities, who have a sizeable online audience who can’t help but stop whenever they scroll past your post in their feed.

This way, you get people to discover your brands, and who may make a purchase.

Whatever you do watch out and stay away from dramas.

By the way, have you heard about the latest and the biggest in history Youtube drama between Tati Westbrook and James Charles?

Sell Your Instagram AccountSell Your Instagram Account

Have you had enough of Instagram and are ready to move on? Well, you won’t want to have your sweat go to waste.

You can sell your Instagram account through these two famous sites namely Fame swap and Viral accounts.

Instagram provides a world of possibilities for its users to explore multiple streams of potential revenue, whether focusing on making serious money or little extra bucks.

With the above strategies, you’re all set to start generating revenue. Whatever avenue you choose, be sure to always treat your brand as a business, and yes it is.

The more you understand what you have to offer, the more you become successful in translating Instagram into a business partner.

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