Quality Traits Of A Good Manager
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Quality Traits Of A Good Manager


  • Good managers are open to new ideas, avoid micromanagement, and lead with empathy, fostering an environment where employees feel valued and understood.
  • Effective managers practice honest communication, reward good work, and maintain focus on priorities, ensuring team alignment and motivation.
  • Leading by example, maintaining a positive attitude, and supporting career development are key traits that enhance team morale and personal growth.

Managers are the backbone of a company’s bottom line. So when 60% of people say they have quit (or are thinking about quitting) because of bad management, you see how important hiring the right person can be.

But how do you find the right person for the job? It’s not like a magic formula exists to pinpoint the ideal candidate. Or is there? There are quality traits you should be on the outlook for when it’s time to hire your next manager.

To help you out, let’s look at the ten traits of a good manager.

Open to New Ideas

Have you ever worked for a manager who thought their way was the only way? Being close-minded and avoiding new ways of doing things create negativity. Employees don’t feel their thoughts and ideas have value.

However, a good manager will always be open to new ideas and open to a team meeting anytime. Whether it be a new way to organize meetings to a new sales tactic to teach customers how to buy a mattress, they know there’s always a new approach to reach a common goal.

Do Not Micromanagetraits of a good manager

Nobody likes to work with a manager looking over their shoulder. Or having a boss tell them what to do every step of the way. Micromanaging can kill employee motivation. That’s why good managers know how to trust their employees.

They delegate the work and don’t try to take control of every detail. Yet, they’re there to help and give advice when needed. And when successes come, a good manager will give credit where credit is due. It makes the team feel valued and drives better performance.

Have Empathy

Everybody struggles both professionally and personally at some point. Sometimes that spills over into affecting their work. A good manager will listen and have some understanding of what the employee is going through.

By having empathy, a manager will be able to put themselves in their employees’ shoes and see their point of view. This helps them guide and coach employees to work through the issues and improve work performance, even if it means carrying some of the burden themselves for a bit.

Takes Accountabilitytraits of a good manager

The best managers take charge of team goals, but they also take responsibility when things don’t go according to plan. They recognize shortfalls and take accountability for their own actions.

These managers also hold their employees accountable. Not blaming others, and taking ownership at work helps employees identify areas where they can improve. It creates openness, honesty, and trust to help the team succeed.

Honest Communication

A good manager knows the only way to help their team grow is to tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, and is always ready for a team meeting. Being transparent and honest with all communications is key. But they balance this honest communication in a direct way without being rude.

Talking down to employees is never received in a positive way. Good managers also help their team feel secure enough to communicate honestly themselves. They create avenues to open the door of communication where employees feel heard and respected.

Recognize and Reward Good Worktraits of a good manager_5

A job well done deserves recognition. One of the traits of a good manager is recognizing this and making a point to praise deserving, hard-working employees. It can be easy to call out mistakes and focus on what’s not going right. But a good manager balances this out by rewarding great work.

This can come in the form of individual awards,  where you can buy Walmart gift cards in bulk, organize a pizza day for the team, or a simple “way to go” at a team meeting.

Recognizing the positives will motivate employees to correct those areas that need improvement.

Can Sustain Focus

A good manager knows what needs to get done and when to hit deadlines. There are usually many projects going on at once, but they can prioritize and keep the team focused on the task.

Distractions can fly in from all angles. Companies fail when these distractions make a manager lose focus.

However, the ability to wear many hats is one of the traits of a good manager. They can look at the big picture, see all the details, and know where to focus the team’s priorities.

Lead by ExampleQuality Traits Of A Good Manager

The best managers will always lead by example. They never ask their team to perform a task they wouldn’t do. In fact, a good manager jumps right on into the trenches and works just as hard as they expect their employees to work.

This fosters a sense of respect and trust. Employees are more willing to perform for a manager who “means what he says and does what he means.” It inspires and sets the standard for everyone to work towards.

Have a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude can be contagious! But so can a negative attitude. If a manager walks around in the spirit of gloom and doom, it won’t take long for the team morale to sink with it. A good manager is almost like a cheerleader, keeping the mood of the team light and positive. They remain optimistic when things aren’t going right and reinforce positivity when it is.

This positive attitude can make coming into work fun. Plus, it pushes a team to go the extra mile when needed.

Supports Career DevelopmentSupport Career Development

A good manager doesn’t only want their employees to improve for the sake of the team; they want them to improve for themselves and their careers as well.

Supporting an employee’s career development helps the team in more ways than one. First, it builds on the team’s strength and depth of skill. Second, it shows that a good manager cares about their employee’s personal well-being.

Pinpoint the Traits of a Good Manager to Help Your Team Succeed

Good managers are hard to come by. By knowing these traits of a good manager, you’ll have help spotting the ideal candidate that will push your team and company to be the best it can be.

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