7 Small Steps To Cut Down Your Plastic Consumption

Written By Alla Levin
April 19, 2018

Steps To Cut Down Your Plastic Consumption

As we advance as a society and become increasingly more aware of our impact on the environment, we have discovered some troubling facts. Plastic-based products, while very convenient and easy to produce, are a nightmare for ecosystems and the overall atmosphere.

Every step of the process that is used to manufacture and produce plastics negatively impacts the surrounding environment of wherever production is being conducted. To reduce your part in this, follow these seven small steps to reduce your overall plastic consumption. Start with checking services that offer personalized cotton totes. You can check online on how litter harms the environment.

Reusable Bottles

Instead of buying a pack of plastic water bottles at the store when you’re out shopping, you should spring for a reusable bottle. There are reusable bottles that will maintain the temperature of the liquid that they currently hold, so you can use them for more than just water, but things like coffee, too.

Plastic water bottles are one of the most common forms of plastic waste, reducing your consumption of plastic water bottles will not only reduce your carbon footprint but save you some money as well. You can do the same with other single-use products by replacing them with reusable alternatives.

Bring Your Own Bag

personalized cotton totes

When you go shopping, you may not even think about how many plastic grocery bags you actually use in just one trip. To reduce plastic bag usage or eliminate it entirely, you should purchase a reusable polythene tote bag. They come in tons of different shapes and sizes, and some services offer personalized cotton totes that you can put your own designs and graphics on.

Cardboard Over Plastic

Plastic material is incredibly difficult to recycle, and a very small percentage of it actually undergoes the recycling process. Cardboard, however, is much easier to recycle and is far more biodegradable than plastic; this way, if the cardboard is thrown away, it doesn’t stick around for long.

Cut Out Straws

razors are a major culprit

If you really think about it, the amount of plastic waste that is generated from standard drinking straws, even from just one individual, is far too high. Whether you’re at home, in a restaurant or bar, or in your car, avoid using plastic straws.

Shave Down Plastic Usage

Disposable razors are a major culprit of contributing to overall plastic waste on the earth. Instead of buying a pack of new disposable razors every so often, invest in a reusable razor so that you’re not throwing out plastic products frivolously. Not to mention, reusable razors usually offer a better shave.


Diapers are among the most harmful and difficult to recycle products. Diapers take centuries to biodegrade. You don’t have to stop buying diapers, however. You should look into purchasing cloth diapers for your baby instead.

Kitchen Culprits

Kitchens are home to a never-ending supply of plastics. From Tupperware to plastic wrap to sandwich baggies, a lot of plastic waste goes into food storage.

Cut back on these products by using glass or ceramic containers instead of a plastic alternative—check Services offering Personalized Cotton Totes in Different Shapes and Sizes. Being environmentally conscious is easier than it seems; you just need to know where to start.

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