5 Ways To Celebrate Your Eid

Written By Alla Levin
May 24, 2019

Here is How You Can Celebrate Eid

Eid is a time to rejoice and celebrate. This special day has many traditions and rituals that are followed all around the world in conjunction with local cultures and customs. After Muslims have fully obeyed all Ramadan rules, Eid has been given to them as a gift; yet, it should also be celebrated in a way that will please Allah.

While most people want to celebrate Eid by greeting their friends and family, there are many other ways you can opt to make this eid celebration memorable. Following are some amazing ways of celebrating Eid 2019:

Visit an old home/orphanage

The festivities of Eid become twofold when spent with your loved ones, but some unfortunate people in the world have nobody to share these special events with. Take this opportunity to celebrate this special day with those who are not as lucky enough as you. Some Eid gift ideas include instant hijabs, which are convenient for the elderly as well.

This will make them happy and let you experience a new way of observing this special day in an unusual yet merry manner. Your kindness and affection will not only be welcomed but also be heartwarming for you and let you appreciate the fact that you are more blessed than others and kindle gratefulness in you for your Creator.

Visit family and friendshow to celebrate Eid

Visiting family and friends is an age-old tradition during holidays and special days. Make the best of this day by paying a visit to your close family and friends. Create beautiful memories to last for the coming years, and cherish these beautiful moments with your loved ones.

The busy schedules these days seldom allow you to catch up with your kinfolk and pals. So, Eid is definitely an occasion to draw near your dear ones and spend some quality time and enjoy the day to its full without worries.

Exchange greetings and gifts to let others know that you love them; for instance, plan a meal together, talk about good memories, play a game, and most of all, spend some time together as any gift cannot replace it.

Plan a Picnic/ Outing

Going out and spending some time with Mother Nature is never a bad idea. Fresh air and beautiful sceneries always have a good impact on your mood and attitude. This will also break the monotony of having a party at your home with the same setting and surroundings.

Ramadan has a fixed schedule, and we hardly get a chance to go out during Ramadan because both Iftaar and Suhoor are during dark hours, so it is impossible to spend time outdoors, eat, and enjoy. Why not enjoy it during the Eid days with your friends and family?

Visit an amusement park

An Eid day with some thrill is not a bad idea. This will be an unusual way of making memories on this day. To add to it, ask your friends to join in and double the fun. Since Ramadan is over, you can enjoy a few light snacks during the day and give your body some time to accustom to changing eating habits.

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Kindness never goes unrewarded, and a small act of kindness always goes a long way. Animals cannot speak to tell us about their need for affection. If you bestow your kindness on these creatures, your Creator will be happy with you and reward you manifold.

This may not be a preferred way of Eid celebration for you, but why not spend this Eid differently? There is no hard and fast rule for celebrating Eid in a particular way. Do what you like to make yourself and others happy. Remember the lessons of Ramadan, and do not forget to show empathy to others on this special occasion too.

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