The Best Escape Room Companies Worldwide

Written By Alla Levin
May 24, 2019
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The Best Escape Room Companies You Should Know

The entertainment industry is developing very fast today.

As life becomes more intensive, people choose new types of dynamic pastime for their families and friends called escape rooms.

The main topics for such establishments are also changing – from games for the youngest visitors to horror films for those who would like to experience more extreme emotions.

The idea of quest rooms is simple – you have to get out of a closed room solving thematic riddles and puzzles.

In 2018, the team of enthusiasts has created a truly unique project to consider the best escape rooms worldwide.

Today, we will tell you about some of them.

Despite the fact that there are thousands of escape rooms in the world, we chose the top-5 quest networks for you to spend time with pleasure.

Komnata (London) One of The Best Escape Room Companies

Best Escape Room Komnata (London) is among top escape rooms in London! It is recognized worldwide and has 84 escape rooms in 20 cities throughout the United States and Europe.

Among these rooms, there is a full range of game genres: from classic quests to thrillers and even horror performances with actors.

Distinctive features of the network are also a magnificent entourage, non-standard puzzles, and super-realistic elements.

The visitors will appreciate the convenient locations in London.

Skurrilum (Hamburg)Skurrilum (Hamburg)

The Skurrilum is a Live Escape Game developed by the creative heads at Hamburg’s Schmidt Theatre.

Five elaborately designed adventure rooms with countless puzzles and effects await scavenger hunters, thinkers, and dreamers of all ages!

For an hour, you dive into a lovingly designed mini-universe full of surprises. Armed purely with your intuition, gut feelings, and logical brain – it is essential that you get out in time.

Palace Games (San Francisco)Palace Games (San Francisco)

Ranked the best escape room company in the US by the Top Escape Rooms Project, and with The Great Houdini Escape Room, The Roosevelt Escape Room, and The Edison Escape Room, you can expect a premier escape room experience at Palace Games.

Host your next team building event, birthday celebration, special occasion, family gathering or a fun night with friends at Palace Games for an exhilarating, unique, and memorable experience the whole team can share!

Sherlocked (the Netherlands)Escape Room Companies Worldwide Sherlocked (the Netherlands)

Escape games are exceptional in putting teams to the test.

Collaboration, communication, and creativity are crucial in finding your way and the time element adds both pressure and joy to the experience.

The Sherlocked team has hosted such companies as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Porsche, KLM, and many others. It is for an amusing adventure.

Locurio (Seattle)Escape Room Companies Locurio (Seattle)

Locurio is focused on entertaining people in new ways through immersive, live-action experiences.

They believe in the power of the physical realm, combined with emerging and increasingly accessible technologies, as a platform for games and events the likes of which have never been experienced before.

They delight, inspire, empower, exhilarate, sometimes frightening, and, above all, evoke a sense of mystery within all who experience their games.

Have you ever visited Escape rooms with your family or friends?

Share your experience with Escape Room Companies and impressions with us.

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