Small Business Trends of the Internet Era

Written By Alla Levin
June 12, 2019
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Small Business Trends of the Internet Era

America has always been the land of opportunity, and the Internet has paved the way for a whole new breed of entrepreneurs to establish a foothold in the marketplace.

Arguably, the Internet has propelled many traditional businesses to heights they may have only previously imagined, allowing companies to expand their reach to customers all over the world.

However, it’s the ingenuity of those who have been able to identify a niche, and even avoid tailor-made for an Internet solution that’s the most inspiring. These small businesses trends have sprung up all over the Internet and worked their way into the mainstream.

Arts and Crafts small businesses trends

Those more creative-minded individuals have perhaps benefitted most from the widespread Internet access. Previously limited artistic venues have been blown wide open, with multiple options to showcase and more often than not, profit from one’s talents. The stereotype of the starving artist is fading as the Internet offers multiple online roles, as well as the chance to start up a new business from the ground up.

Writers are a prime example of those with a specialized skill set that can translate into any number of online small businesses. No brick and mortar is required for services in editing and proofreading, resume-building, or even freelance writing. Bloggers who can build an online following by drafting opinions about the prevailing topics of the day can also cash in.

Less service-oriented artists now have a global online marketplace in which to peddle their wares. Aspiring authors can now bypass the major publishing houses and self-publish digital ebooks, while those who create physical art can display and sell their handicrafts to a growing audience.

Social MediaDealstruck Small Business Loans 

Although managing the company’s Internet outreach movement is a priority for businesses to stay relevant, they may look to outsource the role to the experts. Social media managers offer their unique combination of social media proficiency and awareness of current trends to ensure their clients effectively reach their targeted clientele without damaging the brand.

A new kind of celebrity has emerged, as social media has generated a livelihood for many online personalities. Whether they are known as YouTubers, social media influencers, or podcasters, the output from these independent business people runs the full gamut of the subject matter. Audiences are hard-pressed not to find an online entertain outlet that appeals to them.

Shop TalkDealstruck Small Business Loans

It’s not all fun and games. There are many roles that were traditionally reserved for the office that have migrated to online options. Independent-minded people have abandoned the workplace in favor of working from home.

Web designers and tech support are options for technologically savvy individuals who are looking to build up their own online business. Virtual assistants can take the place of the proverbial “secretary,” managing the day-to-day online administrative tasks for clients who don’t require face-to-face contact.

Venturing out on your own without a regular paycheck can be unsettling and often, an initial investment to kick off a small business is necessary, even with Internet-based businesses that tend to have lower overhead.

Sometimes, business loans may even help while you’re working through various phases of growth and development. Be sure to research companies like Dealstruck Small Business Loans that offer different options and assistance to independent business people. Small business is the foundation of this country’s economy, and some tools can help you succeed.

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