6 Cities to Add To Your Travel Bucket-List

Written By Alla Levin
June 18, 2019

The Cities You Should Add To Travel Bucket-List

These days, what constitutes as a ‘bucket-list’ can be incredibly varied. Some people like to go for the trendy, big-hitters, whereas others prefer to find something a little less expected.

Most cities have something to offer everyone in terms of culture, cuisine, and lifestyle. Some prefer the laid-back assertiveness of Berlin, while others prefer the quiet cobbled streets of Bruges.

Below are a few cities to visit that straddle the space between trendy and unexpected.

Hong KongHong Kong

Just a ferry ride away from mainland China, Hong Kong is not the business man’s playground that it has the reputation of being. This island has its own unique culture and some of the best food you will find anywhere in Asia. Wake up to parks full of locals practicing Tai Chi, and markets full of vendors cooking fresh food to order in giant flame-heated woks.

Austinwhere to stay in Austin

If you want a brilliant but unlikely combination of creative festival spirit with old-fashioned Wild-West charm, then Austin, Texas is your place.

Not only will you get to enjoy some of the best Tex Mex that America has to offer, but also a healthy variety of everything else cosmopolitan. If you’re wondering where to stay in Austin, then using a travel guide to plan out your rentals and activities is a great way to plan your trip. There are a lot of reasons why more people are moving to Texas.


Croatia is increasingly becoming a favorite with travelers new and old. It’s sandy shores, the Mediterranean sea, and lovingly-made local food make it a Baltic beauty.

The split is by no means as big as Dubrovnik, but it’s worth visiting for its unique Roman Diocletian’s Palace, which is packed full of local businesses and restaurants. The ferries that stream in and out of the harbor give it a unique romantic feel, as does its nearby beaches decorated with palm trees.


Rome is worth visiting for so many reasons that it’s hard to list all of them. The main reasons you should visit is some of the world’s most infamous historical sites, which include the Sistine Chapel (in the Vatican but it is an easy walk) and the Colosseum.

DenverDenver is an American city

Denver is an American city that perhaps doesn’t get as much attention as New York, LA, and Chicago, but it has a humbleness to it which makes it an incredibly relaxing city to stay in. Its penchant for the arts and interest in global cuisine make it great for creatives who are looking for somewhere to stay that has a city vibe but with less of the stress.

Amsterdamaccessible by Eurostar from London

Amsterdam is now accessible by Eurostar from London, which makes it an absolute must-see for any bucket list. It also has brilliant train connections, which makes it a great place to base yourself for visiting other areas of Holland. Amsterdam’s independent boutiques, international appetite for cuisine and quirky museums make it a fun place to stay with European sophistication.

Whatever is on your bucket list, it’s good to get a healthy blend of cities you know you’ll love, and some that might be out of your comfort zone. If you’re a party animal, then it’s good to visit a city that enjoys its culture, while those who avoid the mainstream should maybe try the odd break in New York or Milan – just to try it.

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