Understanding Why People Still Respond to Banner Advertising

Written By Alla Levin
June 25, 2019

Why People Still Respond to Banner Advertising

It might seem weird that despite all the modern marketing tools available today, people still respond to banners. These tools have been around for decades now, and they still remain a viable marketing strategy that many companies use. It does not only include small businesses but even significant brands. It shows that banners are powerful enough to attract attention.

It means that if you are starting a business or you are already thriving small business, you need to invest in banners to further boost your popularity.

People want nostalgia

Some people grew up seeing banners everywhere because most companies used them for advertising. Therefore, banners remain appealing to older people. They feel like they are reliving the past when they see banners placed in various areas. It is also one of the remnants of the past that remain relevant today. 

Banners are concrete

Why People Still Respond to Banner Advertising

Although online marketing works, it seems like everything is in a virtual world. You see the information online, but there is a gap between you and the content. With banners, you can see them up close or even touch them. They help make you feel closer to the company that is advertising to you. When you see images or taglines, it seems like the company is talking directly to you.

Banners are festive

You feel delighted each time you see banners. They liven up the place. Even if you did not intend to buy anything, you might be encouraged to take your wallet out and buy because of banners. In a world filled with negativities, it feels excellent seeing something joyous and festive.

Not everyone gets information onlinemarketing strategies

You need to understand that even if a large chunk of the world’s population has internet access, not everyone gets information online. Some people still enjoy seeing local ads such as rollerbanners when they come across one. Given the spread of fake news online and other unreliable sources, you cannot blame those who prefer local ads. 

Banner Advertising: The internet can be toxic

Even those who usually access information online take a break given how toxic the internet can be. They hate the idea of getting bombarded with negative news all the time. They also do not like all the terrible comments on social media. Getting off the grid is becoming an option now, even among the younger people. Therefore, if companies do not have offline marketing tools, they are not going to reach these people. 

As a small business owner, it is vital that you consider how people respond to banners. You need to ensure that you try to diversify your marketing strategies so that you can reach a lot of people and convince them to buy what you offer. Do not rely heavily on online marketing since not everyone will see those ads. Even if they do, they will still believe other marketing campaigns like the use of banners. Find out what strategies work and use them to your advantage.

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