The 20 Portable Tech Gadgets You’ll Want to Use Every Day
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Portable Tech Gadgets You’ll Want to Use to Make Life Easier

If you’re looking for the best portable gadgets, it’s your lucky day! Here’s an assortment of 20 of the most interesting and unusual gadgets you’ll ever see.

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  • SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

Enjoy your favorite tunes, or answer calls while taking a shower! 

This Bluetooth speaker is water-resistant and the suction cup behind it allows it to stick to any surface.

  • Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

For places where it gets dry for instance in hotel suites, add some moisture to the surroundings with the Satechi Portable Humidifier. Simple to use, attach the cap to any bottle and voila– the device starts pumping out vapor. 

  • Magniband Smartphone Macro Lens 

Attach this band to your phone and take intense and magnified pictures without any professional lenses. 

  • Sengled Solo Color Plus LED Bulb

This LED bulb changes color and plays music. You can connect it with your Amazon Alexa device and make the most out of this Bluetooth LED Bulb.

  • Skull Portable Bluetooth SpeakerSkull Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The name says it all, the skull speaker is great in terms of cost and sound.

  • Phone Camera Lens Kit

Although it says 5in1 we must warn you it comes with only 4 lenses. But the Lens Kit allows you to click amazing pictures from your phone.

  • Ecobee Switch+

A switch that connects with Amazon Alexa, turns off when you leave the room, and works as a nightlight. 

  • Native Union Eclipse Charger

Keep your desk clean without multiple chargers with this eclipse charger. The 3 port USB Charging Hub gives your desk a sleek and clean look.

  • Tile Mate Item Finder

Find your car keys or basically anything from your phone using the app.  

  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

The Google Home mini speaker is quite cheap than the Amazon Echo competitors and works perfectly.

  • Fujifilm Instax Square Hybrid Instant CameraFujifilm Instax Square Hybrid Instant Camera

Take digital photos on-the-go with this instant camera. Every Instagram lover must-have items to take wonderful pictures so here comes one of these portable tech gadgets.

  • Jabra Elite 5T

These Bluetooth Earphones give the Air pods a run for their money. Connect them to any smart home device and enjoy the best sound experience.

  • iKettle 3

No, not a new product from Apple. The iKettle 3 is an Alexa powered kettle that can recognize voice inputs and also has an app!

It lets you control the temperature of the water and the time you want it to start heating the water every day.

  • VSSL Flask

Part flashlight, part booze-container, this portable tool makes a useful travel accessory too. 

  • Snapchat V2

For all the Snapchat lovers, these cool pair of sunglasses pack a surprise for you. Click photos and record videos with these chic glasses and they’re all stored to your Snapchat Memories. 

  • Hi-Tech Foot Warmers

For places where the temperature is chilly, use these rechargeable foot soles to keep you warm. 

  • Smartech Lifeprint PrinterSmartech Lifeprint Printer

You’ve heard of portable Bluetooth printers, but this is not your average Bluetooth printer. It lets you print videos too!

Print out a video as a photo, hover your phone over it and there you have it–a printed video.

  • Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine 

Add in a coffee pod or ground coffee, water and pump the plunger. Within a few seconds, you have an espresso shot to take you through the day.

  • Powerdot 2.0 Uno

Stimulate your muscles and speed your way through recovery simply by connecting the zapping pads to your phone. 

  • Ember Ceramic Mug

Use this mug to keep the espresso you brewed with the Minipresso heated. It is a self-heated mug that helps you monitor your caffeine intake when connected to the Ember App. I hope you enjoyed those cool tech gadgets that will improve your life.

Pretty cool, right? 

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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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