A Million Dollar Cell Phone

Written By Alla Levin
July 06, 2006

Most Expensive Phone Ever Made – GoldVish Le Million Piece Unique

For those who have billions of dollars and nowhere to spend it, here’s yet another object to acquire rather than giving away money to those pesky charities.

The one in its kinda unique cell phone by Goldvish of Switzerland that costs a cool $1,278,000.

GoldVish Le Million Piece Unique – a cell phone that was produced in Switzerland and designed by the top designer Emmanuel Guate.

The master specializes in the development of high-quality jewelry and expensive watches. But this time all of his talent he invested in the design and the idea of this phone.

The model is made in the shape of a boomerang, decorated with diamonds and white gold. In 2017, its value reached 1.3 million dollars.

Undoubtedly, among the gadgets with an unusual shape, GoldVish Le Million Piece Unique is the most expensive phone in the world.GoldVish Le Million

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