3 British Made Products You Need

Written By Alla Levin
July 16, 2019
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British Made Products and British Made Goods

Britain’s manufacturing sector is booming once again, and some of the world’s most popular products are being made in the United Kingdom.

There are a number of new British companies emerging that are taking their sectors by storm. Investments made in the latest manufacturing technologies and the tireless work of the country’s best entrepreneurs have begun to bear fruit and reinvigorate the once dormant British manufacturing industry.

Here is a quick glance at the British made products that are growing in popularity across the globe and giving British business owners confidence that the British manufacturing industry has an even brighter tomorrow ahead of it.

Deluxe Bed LinensDeluxe Bed Linens (2)

Cotton is a product that Britain has been processing since the 1700s. For centuries, British linens have been amongst the finest that has ever been produced, and now the British cotton industry is going through a renaissance.

More and more people are looking to get the most out of their sleep, and the British manufacturing industry has taken notice and accepted the challenge to meet the demand. High quality, high thread count bed linens have become a must-have item for the busy professional that needs to get the best, most comfortable sleep possible.

British linen looms are now being fed the world finest cotton from North Africa and East Asia, to combine the finest quality cotton from the highest quality manufacturers, offering a product that simply can’t be beaten.

Luxury Hot Water BottlesBritish made, deluxe hot water bottles

Staying warm at night in winter is an annual challenge for the British people, and that is probably why the world’s best hot water bottles are made right here in the United Kingdom.

You can find British made, deluxe hot water bottles in some of the world’s finest boutique stores, as well as on the British high street. Some hot water bottles are even covered with ethically sourced furs that are a by-product of the British meat industry.

These unique hot water bottles are incredibly warm and comforting on a chilly winter night, and can make high-quality, British made linens even more comfortable and cozy.

British Made Goods: Modern MattressesModern Mattresses

Completing the British Made Goods conquest of the bourgeoning sleep sector is the ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattress. There are a number of British companies now offering a unique purchasing experience, as well as a unique product, to consumers across Europe.

Mattresses used to be solely bought at a store on a high street or a warehouse in an industrial park, but now one of the most popular places to pick up a mattress is online, direct from a British manufacturer.

These mattresses are bought unseen, often on the back of the incredible customer testimonials that these high-quality mattresses receive. This new business model has changed mattress buying and the mattress industry as a whole, more and more mattress manufacturers hastily the following suit and selling their products direct to the consumer.

The British manufacturing renaissance is about more than just sleep, and these three fun examples are just a small selection of the innovative British companies that are putting British manufacturing back in the forefront of the global marketplace.

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