How Terry Lifts Helps Transform Homes and Gardens for Disabled Access

Written By Alla Levin
July 16, 2019

Transform Home for Disabled Access

Living with a disability presents more challenges than most people can imagine. This can be especially difficult if the disability came on suddenly due to illness or an auto accident.

Things you had always done are now impossible without help, and even getting in and out of your home can require assistanceHaveve you considered aids like lifts and rails to help you get both into and around your ho to tackle some of these issues? Here are some ways that Terry Lifts could be of invaluable aid if you have mobility issues of any kind.

Getting into Homes with High Exterior Steps

One of the challenges in improving the accessibility of homes with inordinately high exterior steps is that a ramp would have to be very steep. Even with motorized wheelchairs, the amount of power needed to get up a steep ramp makes it rather impossible without the help of some kind.

You might want to consider talking to the consultants at Terry Lifts to design an exterior lift at least for the main access door to your home. Why suffer undue frustration and upper body pain when a lift can easily replace that overly steep ramp?

Transform Home for Disabled Access: Interior Lifts for Reaching Upper LevelsInterior Lifts for Reaching Upper Levels

There are various types of interior lifts that can safely take you from one floor to the next. If you have a bi-level home with bedrooms on the upper floor, getting there can present quite a challenge. There are stairlifts and traditional elevator lifts to choose from, both of which could solve your problems nicely.

Which type of lift you choose depends on the design of your home and what kind of space you have to work with. Again, a lift consultant can help you choose the right lift for your needs within the confines of your home.

Goods Lifts to Facilitate Carrying

If you have followed the previous steps, you might have become quite independent in your disability. Now you can get out and about to shops, and you are doing your own cooking, cleaning, and laundry, but it’s nearly impossible to get goods up and down from one floor to the next.

Perhaps you can make it up to the stairs unassisted but are unable to carry the laundry or other items up with you. A goods lift can easily take the burden off you. These are specially designed to transport items from one level to the next and can be designed smaller than those made to carry passengers. You have a lovely home, and you may have enjoyed evenings out in the garden and keeping your house the way you like it before your disability.

However, you may now be at a loss as to how to continue enjoying your garden. Don’t let mobility issues keep you from getting in and out of your home – special lifts can be installed to and from the garden area. Because everyone’s needs are different, lifts can be designed with your special requirements in mind. Isn’t it time to make life easier on yourself? A lift is just what the doctor ordered!

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