Money Clips vs. Wallets – The Advantages of Each

Written By Alla Levin
August 01, 2019

Money Clips vs. Wallets – the Advantages of Each

Even though money clips have many advantages over traditional wallets, most individuals may not choose them as their primary money-carrying option.

That is why most wallet manufacturers produce hybrids between money clips and wallets – products are known as money clip wallets, such as the Kinzd money clip wallet.

Even though money clip wallets are not as widely known as money clips or wallets, you will be able to make an informed choice between the types after trying one. Money Clips vs. Wallets: To know which matches your needs – a money clip or a wallet – here are each offer’s benefits.

Advantages of a money clip

A day will hardly pass without you seeing a wallet. However, if you want to keep everything simple, money clips are a good choice. Wallet manufacturers also offer money clip options, which are slim, sleek, and therefore suitable for business people.

The thick and rugged wallets are ideal for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. To choose a money clip, you must consider your personal preferences. Here are the key advantages that money clips offer.

A money clip will fit in any pocket 

Modern wallets are available in many styles. However, they will still feel bulky if placed in the front pocket of your slim-fit trousers or jeans. On the other hand, money clips fit in the pocket without making it bulge. Depending on the money clip you choose, it might go unnoticed when in public.

Money clips are slim and sleek

Due to the slim and sleek nature of money clips, they fit in any pocket and look good. It will not make your pockets bulge anymore.

They de-clutter your life 

Money clips are minimalistic – they do not have any room for clutter. Therefore, they do not allow you to carry anything that you do not need. Even though wallets are becoming minimalist too, they will still hold one or two receipts, unneeded IDs, and many business cards. A money clip will only hold bills and nothing more.

They are accessible 

A money clip allows you to access your money quickly. You need to take the money clip out of your pocket and draw the bills you need. That way, you will never feel embarrassed when in a queue or a restaurant.

They are customizable

Money clips are customizable. That is because they are made of resin, carbon fiber or metal. You will have the option of engraving your name initials or the whole name on the money clip. You can also engrave any other phrase or image in your favorite color. That is what you need to stand out in the cloud.

Advantages of a wallet 

Unlike money clips, wallets have existed for many years. The first wallets were small, but the designers decided to increase the size and later reduced it again. Today, wallet designers focus on minimalism, but you will find various styles and sizes in the market. And even though wallets look old-school, they are not going anywhere soon. The reason behind that is the many benefits they provide to the users. Here are the benefits.

They can hold many essentials 

The construction of wallets comes with many benefits. For example, every wallet, including the simplest, will have at least two pockets in addition to several card slots. It will hold coins, cash, access permits, cards, and IDs. A wallet will beat any money clip when it comes to holding everyday essentials.

They have a professional appearance 

A money clip will be more practical on your Friday nights out, but during regular business hours, it will look unprofessional. Even more, people might believe that you are trying to draw attention by removing a stack of bills. After all, businesspersons do not show bunches of bills when paying for business lunch. A slim leather wallet will hold more cash, and you can use it anywhere.

Some of the available styles are minimalist 

A quality wallet will not bulk your pocket. The market offers minimalist wallets such as the Kinzd slim wallets, front pocket wallets, and metal wallets to match any occasion. You will find many models you do not have to carry in your back pocket during your shopping. Most of them have enough space to hold your everyday carry.

They are available in many style

Wallets come in various styles. You will have the chance to choose a bifold wallet, a trifold wallet, a slim wallet, or a chain wallet. If you are one the adventurous people, a travel wallet or a passport wallet will be a better alternative to the others. Regardless of your style, you will have a wallet to match it. It is hard to say the same for money clips.

They are made of different materials 

Wallet manufacturers offer them in different materials. Canvas wallets are lightweight, durable, and ideal for adventurous people. If you need something classic and one that can match your outfit, you will have to choose a leather wallet. Some other materials include metal, faux leather, and carbon fiber.

So, which should you choose: Money Clips vs. Wallets

Money clips wallets, such as the Kinzd Money Clip Wallet, are a hybrid of wallets and money clips. A slim wallet featuring a magnetic clip can hold 20 folded bills and offer adequate space for cards and IDs. Others have a big pocket to hold many unfolded bills. A money clip wallet will enhance your professional appearance and fit in your pocket.

If you are fashion-conscious, you can match the wallet with other accessories like your footwear and belt for the best look. They will give you a good starting point if you do not know what to for.

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