Best Practices To Market Your Freelance Photography Business

Written By Alla Levin
September 14, 2020

Best Practices To Market Your Freelance Photography Business

Hey, are you planning on freelance photography jobs!? Or have you just started your business here? If yes, you must be hustling to survive in marketing? Huh! It happens with everyone. A market is a brutal place and to sustain here requires full-proof planning. Also, freelancing has a huge crowd and consequently develops cutthroat competition.

But, if you are focused and consistent, you will get on the other side of the road sooner. Along with also keep unique strategies in your pocket. Yes, strategy, a way out to shine in the crowd. And the topic we are going to talk about today. Here we’ll discuss all alternative market practices that will help you get ahead in freelance photography jobs.

Let’s dive into the world of the freelance photography business. But for growing, you’ll also need new ones, which you can get through referral programs like Get the Referral. It’s a brilliant idea to generate a new market.

Freelance Photography Business: First thing first- Target Market Freelance Photography Business

Before concluding plans, make sure you have your niche! A niche is a piece of the market that will be your audience, which you can turn into potential clients with marketing. And to decide your target audience, you first determine your comfort zone photography style! Initially, pick those styles that you are confident and aware of. Do not just start offering everything; it may end with nothing.

Like if you are a food photographer but you get the offer of family photography. I will suggest- decline it! As if you plan to expand your styles in the future, you will be judged by your past work. And in this case, it could not be 100% as it was not your forte. So, at the onset, work with your target market only. Now, another point that needs attention while picking the target market is how broad that market is.

Like currently, the biggest buzz market in freelance photography jobs is wedding photography. People are investing huge money to shoot their weddings. In turn, it’s a perfect chance to grab a market here.

Other than the food, photography has also taken a surprising rise! Resultants, hotels, and especially street food are very easy to find in trendy columns. What it takes is why you love photography and what inspires you to it! Follow this question, and you will find your style and so your target market!

Regular blogging & aggressive advertising! Regular blogging

Every freelance has a website. If you don’t… then you must create one ASAP! Your website is a stage where you appeal to people to trust you and work with you. It’s the best way to put your name out there in the market. And let it spread!

Now, some freelances do what- they make a marvelous site, put all info on it, and wait for people to see it and respond. YOU ARE GOING WRONG! People won’t come to you if you don’t’ invite them. You have to post your blogs about anything related to photography, your style-related things, cameras, studios.

Anything but regularly! Also, make use of SEO – Search Engine Optimization for better Google ranking. Your site will be shown with top results with good ranks every time a search related to your niche is initiated.

Make a schedule that after this many days, I have to post a new blog on site. Along with that, also not down to advertise! And go for aggressive advertising- through flyers, social media, paid promotions, accounts, etc. Try out everything to advertise as much as possible. And figure out how the market is responding and make changes accordingly.

Stay in touch with your audienceStay in touch with your audience

If you are in the market, you have to fight for your spot. And the best way to win is to stay in touch with your audiences.

And keep reminding them. So in need, the first name that comes to their mind is yours! How can you do that now? Simple, maintain an email list of visitors! You can add a little feature of subscribing to your site. Where readers on your site can give their email ids, and you later can use them as a tool to stay connected with them. Also, you can do that through Instagram or Facebook. But they change their algorithms anytime like Instagram can ban you for putting the same hashtags.

And it happens in such a destructive way; not everyone can get through it. Many big pages also get banned. It has enormous consequences. But with email lists, you can personally link your audience without contaminating any laws and bounds. Inform them about your new posts and any new offers you are introducing or any further updates to ensure that viewers won’t forget you. Here too. Be keen bout your sustainability.

However, for freelance photography jobs, it may be too much workload. But many companies can send out pre-drafted emails to your preferred list regularly and charge a certain fee. So pick anyone! And get back to your core work.

Use the Referral Program Referral Program 

With the above two market practices, you can maintain permanent clients! But for growing, you’ll also need new ones, which you can get through referral programs. It’s a brilliant idea to generate a new market.

You can give discounts, cashback offers, giveaways, or even money charges for refereeing. You can also make a deal with some nice restaurants or spas to give discounts through your gift cards.

Here, you encash your connections. It works like a one-shot at two aims. First, you get new clients. Second, you gain trust and make a connection with your older clients. Now, they will stick to your brand.

Freelance Photography Business: Engage your audience         contests and giveaways to engage people.

To make people stay with you and trust you, you need to engage them. Now, for freelance photography jobs, it’s a bit tough as it’s a service sector. Yeah, you can post astounding pictures you click for people to love your brand.

But along with that, try out contests and giveaways to engage people. The contest will improve your one-on-one interactions and bends personal relations with your clients.

You can run contents about styles of photography, photography trends, or even outside the box. And giveaways can be of different types but choose as per your photography genre to get the leads. You can giveaway camera equipment, lens, or your photographs. Big camera brands do these very often for promotions, make a deal with them, and promote it! Pursuing freelance photography jobs is challenging, but it’s a way to live your dream, and remember Walt Disney once said-“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

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