Amazing Furniture That Is Made From Old Bicycles

Written By Alla Levin
October 11, 2006

Furniture That Is Made From Old Bicycles

Design studio Bike Furniture Design specializes in the manufacture of furniture from old used bicycle parts. They use absolutely everything: the frames, seats, belts, wheels. Sometimes they get as additional details some parts of cars – they also come in handy in the production.

Safety belts, automotive glasses, everything – designers transform into an incredible piece of art. The founder of the studio Andy Greg created his first armchair in the “industrial” style back in 1990.

Andy Gregg may not have reinvented the wheel, but he has reinterpreted it. Gregg is 40, he owns “Bike Furniture Designs”, which transforms recycled bicycle parts into sleek, eco-friendly furniture.

Combining skills developed in art school (he is fascinated by early-20th-century furniture design) with mechanical chops, he began polishing at age 10, Gregg sells his pieces on and through a smattering of retailers.

Today, despite the specific design and its rather brutal appearance, the furniture from the studio is in considerable demand not only among the bikers but also quite solidly complements modern offices. How about your old bicycles are they still dusting in the garage?

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