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Gambling Innovations We’ll See Before 2020

Technology has taken us miles ahead, talk of improved Smartphone capabilities, wearable technology that changes your moods and keeps your health in check, and virtual reality among many other exciting advances in technology.

We all seem excited about the predicted evolutions–the social robots, the near-instant drone delivery, or a reality TV show on Mars. The continued evolution of technology has impacted heavily on almost every sector, and for the sake of this article, the gambling industry in particular.

There are some innovations that have changed the gaming industry so far, and we can only think that the industry is yet to experience a continued upbeat. For example, a review of NetBet Casino on shows how robots, simulators will help train a novice on how to play the game online. As they also help you get acclimatized to game actions, become familiar and how to place wagers, and include strategy into your games.

This was not the case during the days of Frank Sinatra. Let’s take a look forward and try to figure out some future technology and cool innovations which will definitely take the gaming industry higher before we even welcome the year 2020.

Best Mobile Blackjack Games: The spread of eSports Betting

With many industries benefiting from the evolution of technology, the eSports betting industry is not left behind either. According to research, eSport betting revenue is expected to hit $1.5 billion before we open hands wide for 2020.

With such a huge figure and a show of how big the industry is set to grow. We are made to believe that eSport betting is sooner than later becoming big news within the gaming industry. In fact, this growth is carried forward from the past years, because each year, eSports activities are thriving so powerfully. Let’s talk about the league legends a bit: In 2011, the League of Legends Championship was set up for the first time.

This tournament had a prize of a whopping $100,000 and recorded a total of 1.6 million viewers. Fast forward 2016, and those figure changes dramatically. That year’s tournament had a prize pool of $6.7 million, with 43milion viewers. With Dota 2 international tournament, the trend was much similar. Its first appearance event in 2011 saw the first-ever prize pool of $1 million.

Then fast forward to 2017, and the event figures just take a different turn—a total of $ 10.8mmilion was up for grabs. The latest event in 2017 offered a first-place prize of $10.8 million.

From that development, it’s no secret that the gambling industry is tapping into the fame of eSports. Currently, we can see several tournaments taking place, and this trend is expected to increase over a couple of coming years.

Best Mobile Blackjack Games: Advanced Mobile Platformsbest mobile Blackjack

In the past, most people used their Smartphone devices to listen to music and catch up with trending news. However, that is not the case anymore. Today, the trend is that all smartphone users play games with lots of conveniences.

In 2016 alone, the gaming industry collected a whopping $36.9 billion in revenues, way higher than both PC gaming and computer console gaming, which recorded $31.9 billion and $29 billion respectively. Although the gaming industry has been there before, this upward revenue increase can only be attributed to mobile phone technology.

There are amazing bitcoin blackjack sites offering an amazing experience to their guests. Still, the mobile gaming industry is showing no signal for a top over, or such a thing. And how can it stop or deteriorate when players are so thirsty for mobile games like mfortune blackjack with the industry enjoying such huge ROI!

We are witnesses to the fact that online casinos have taken their operations to mobile platforms. The expected growth of eSports and VR squarely targets mobile technology. We also expect eSports gaming and mobile VR casinos to immediately invade the gambling industry. In fact, mobile appears to the past, the now and the future of the gambling market.

Blackjack is one of the many casino games, which you can nowadays play on the go. There are plenty of mobile sites for online blackjack. You could check the casino apps.

By the way, some welcome packages include no deposit bonus, which is an amazing opportunity! Especially for new players, who would like to first test and improve their skills and then risk their own money. The no deposit casino bonus ensures the player has free credit and access to lots of different games. Free spins are perhaps the most popular form of no deposit bonus.

Of course, there are also others, such as Free Play, Cashback, and Bonus Cash The website  gives information to everyone, who would like to enjoy blackjack any time and anywhere, simply by using his mobile device


In 2018, the world’s first cryptocurrency celebrated the 10th birthday. It is during this time that Bitcoin gained its popularity and ever since it has taken a firm position in the gaming industry. Research tells us that 15% of all casinos in the world work with Bitcoin, with the figure increasing day in day out.

Well, despite the Bitcoin having its criticism; it has widely been considered the leading currency. It has become such a popular payment method within the gambling, giving rise to Bitcoin-specific casinos.

Currently, there are around 6 million users of Bitcoin and this number is expected to grow before 2020. It is expected that Bitcoin users will use the crypto to fund their gaming operations.

Reformed Legal Regulationsfree blackjack playing sites on the web no download

The gaming industry has not experienced rest as far as gaming regulations are concerned. From the introduction of the 1961 Wire Act to the UK Gambling Act of 2005 to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 the gambling landscape has been changing all the time.

Currently, and particularly with online gambling, one trend is actually on a global; attitudes towards the legalization of gambling are relaxing. Within the US, some states such as New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware just to name a few, has taken steps into legalizing online gambling. With the popularity wave of online gaming, other states are expected to follow suit.

Interestingly, Morocco and Japan are continuing to address the issue of gambling and how it can be more accessible by citizens as well as how it benefits their economies. By 2020, and before the start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, Japan hopes to legalize gambling across all platforms. Today, Europe alone accounts for about 50% of global online gambling revenues.

This revenue is expected to go higher as more countries in Asia and South America begin to relax their gambling laws.

Best Mobile Blackjack Games: Virtual Realityvirtual reality poker

Virtual reality technology has become the talk of the town in the past few years and it has breathed new life into technology. The question anybody is asking, whether VR will affect the gaming industry and to what extent.

Well, when the VR came into existence, it didn’t so much meet the expectations as anticipated, due to its teething problems. However, it has since then improved immensely in terms of both software and hardware.

Today, VR is gearing up to make a considerable impact on the gaming world in many ways. We expect the gaming fans to use VR technology to enjoy their land-based casino right in their houses which will apparently look better than in live dealer casinos. We see developer such as Scandinavian-based NetEnt working to release VR slots to be hosted at VR casinos. It is expected that other developers will soon follow suit.

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