The Relationship Between Startup Founders and Investors: the Good, the Bad and the In-between

Written By Alla Levin
September 13, 2019

The Relationship Between Startup Founders and Investors

The relationship between the founder of a startup and its investors are typically very sophisticated. Making it work will be beneficial to both parties.

However, there is no universal formula of how to build such a relationship in which everyone involved is happy.

Enormous problems arise mainly because founders and investors have different ideas on how to promote and develop a particular service or product.

What is more, the main goal of an investor is to get the money they invested back as well as to make a profit.

Founders want their product or service to become famous on the market.

However, some of them also want to cash out as soon as someone purchases their startup.

The Good

Startup founders and investors help each other. The owner gets enough money to continue working on their project while an investor becomes a part of something cool. He gets the opportunity to generate profit.

In case both the investor and the founder are able to comprehend the perspective and the motivation of one another, building a fruitful relationship is possible.

What is more, it is vital for a school project founder to explain to their investors what they are willing to achieve and vice versa.

Keeping an investor informed is another vital aspect to take into consideration if you are willing to build a strong relationship with them.

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The Badschool project founder

The main difficulty that typically comes in the way is the lack of understanding. In general, investors are different from founders as they are less willing to take risks, as well as want to have everything under control.

If you want to become a startup school founder, you need to take these differences into consideration.

Apart from that, the majority of investors are judgemental, so you have to take this particular character trait into account as well.

What should definitely be avoided is trying to change somebody. In case an investor wants to express some judgemental comments. Let them do it but suggest a more constructive way to do that.

The In-Between: why you may need academic writing assistanceacademic writing assistance

This is basically the golden middle, and the goal is to build such a relationship between the startup founder and investor in which both are happy. Especially, with the way the project is moving forward.

In order to achieve that, it is vital to make certain both parties have an opportunity to express their ideas; to communicate clearly with one another.

To discuss how to promote the startup, as well as to establish revenue expectations at the beginning of the process.

This way, no one will be kept in the dark, and every party involved in the process will have a clear idea of what is going on with their startup.

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The main goal of the founder is to explain to an investor why academic writing companies should be present on the market.

Why having a team of academic experts on hand helps a student deal with their assignments, as well as how one can make a profit out of it.

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On how you will gather a team of writers who have tons of expertise in their fields, as well as how one can earn money doing that.

If the founder and investor reach an understanding, creating a service that provides academic writing help all year round will be much simpler.

Even though the mindset of startup founders and investors differs, it is still possible to build a fruitful partnership which everyone will benefit from.

Together, they will be able to develop a startup that will introduce a new product or service on the market, win over its target audience, as well as make people’s lives better.

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