5 Questions To Ask While Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Written By Alla Levin
September 23, 2019

Check the Important Questions To Ask While Hiring A Criminal Attorney

Getting implicated in a criminal case is a big deal, and you must hire a legal professional sooner rather than later. But hiring a criminal lawyer is easier said than done because you cannot afford to settle for anyone but the best.

After all, your freedom and future are at stake, and you need a lawyer, you can trust completely.

What can you do to find a good attorney who can help secure a favorable verdict?

Looking around for recommendations helps but you must meet the professional first before making up your mind. Here are a few questions that you need to ask them before sealing the deal.

Q1: What is your background and experience in the legal domain?

Primarily, you need to know about the background and experience of the lawyer in the legal domain. Asking about their credentials, years of experience, and the number of cases handled will give you a fair idea.

Also, inquire about their track record because the number of cases won matters more than the number handled.

To verify the facts by checking their website because it will probably have every piece of information. Remember that these factors really matter when it comes to hiring the best professionals.

Q2: Have you handled a case similar to mine?Denver criminal attorney

Before you finalize a criminal lawyer to represent you in the court, discuss the case thoroughly with them. Ask them whether they have handled a similar one during their career.

Since criminal law is complex, you should prioritize someone who is confident about winning the case, and a prior experience definitely makes a plus point.

Q3: What are my chances of securing a favorable verdict?

Once you have discussed the case with an attorney, you will want to know about the chances of securing a verdict in your favor.

Tell the Denver criminal attorney to share an honest insight about the case, whether they would expect to get you acquitted or at least have the sentence reduced. Discuss the process, its stages, and the expected timelines as well.

Q4: Will you handle my case yourself, or have someone else do it?

Asking this question is essential if you are engaging with a law firm. Verify who will be looking after your case and check their credentials in the first place.

Another key query in this context would be the mode of communication and the availability of the lawyer. Ideally, they should be easily available whenever you need to connect with them.

Seek complete clarity because you would not want any misunderstandings later. Sometimes it is good to get inspiration from courtroom drama movies.

Q 5: What will be your fees?Denver criminal attorney

You cannot forget to ask about the legal fees when hiring a criminal attorney, because it determines whether you will be able to afford their services. Typically, they may work by the hour or charge a flat fee.

Verify the fee methodology and see if it works for you.

Comparing a few lawyers can help you find a good one whose fees are competitive as well. However, look for someone with a solid reputation even if you need to pay extra.

These questions will have almost everything covered when it comes to finding a legal professional you can trust. Be sure to ask them right in the first consultation so that you collaborate with a dependable professional.

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