A Backpacker’s Guide to Travelling in Southeast Asia

Written By Alla Levin
October 09, 2019

Here is an Amazing Backpacker’s Guide to Travelling in Southeast Asia

How often do you scroll through social media and find breathtaking photos posted by one more friend who decided to go on an adventure backpacking through Southeast Asia?

Considering the fact that in 2018, over 120 million people traveled to this area (and the number is only expected to grow), your answer is probably “quite often”.

So often that you decided that it’s your turn to explore the amazing Southeast Asian countries. So, follow our tips during your trip, and we guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable time!

Getting ThereSoutheast Asian countries

When you start looking for flights, you obviously should consider your budget. But there’s one other thing to keep in mind, and that’s the time of the year. Trust us, you don’t want to not be prepared for the wet season.

So get informed about the weather conditions in the countries you want to visit and then buy your tickets and pack your bags accordingly.

And of course, don’t forget about visas and travel insurance!


Many people choose Southeast Asian countries as a traveling destination because of how cheap mostly everything is there.

So your budget won’t have to be too crazy, which is always good news: we’d say $35 per day for each person is more than enough.

One of the most expensive things in these countries are alcoholic drinks. But with so much to do, visit and explore, you won’t even be thinking about booze.

Accommodation Southeast Asia hotels

Since the backpacker scene has grown so much in Southeast Asia, you’ll find that there are many options for accommodation.

Guesthouses, hotels, hostels, homestays and more: there are alternatives for every budget and type of traveler.

The price per night doesn’t tend to be that high, no matter when you book them. Nevertheless, our advice is that you make the reservations in advance, just to make sure you’ll actually have a bed to sleep in.

Traveling in Southeast Asia

When people go to Southeast Asia, they often visit more than one country. And you’ll probably do the same.

The most recommended form of transportation in Southeast Asia are the buses. They’re cheap, they allow for flexibility in your plans since you can buy tickets on the spot, and they’re a great way of meeting other travelers.

The only downside is that bus trips are a bit lengthy. If you don’t have that much time, getting flights is probably your best option.


Backpacking Through Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian countries are pretty safe for backpackers. But as you can imagine, you should always be careful not to put yourself in dangerous situations.

Don’t walk alone at night, stay away from drugs and place your cash and expensive possessions safely, and you’ll be good!

Backpacking Through Southeast Asia: The Adventure of a Lifetime

Traveling to Southeast Asia means discovering new cultures, meeting amazing and experiencing unique traditions. And who doesn’t want to do that?!

Plan your trip properly, follow our simple tips and you’ll have the most amazing time backpacking through Southeast Asia.

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