What Role Does Education Play in Shaping Our Lives?

Written By Alla Levin
October 18, 2019
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What Role Does Education Play in Shaping Our Lives?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – this quote is true to the core. 

When you invest in education and gaining the knowledge, you are sure to get it back in some form or the other, which shall help you in leading life the better way!

But there is a difference between getting an education and getting a degree which people often confuse! 

You may have got many degrees beside your name but if you fail in manners and moral values, all your degrees become just a piece of paper while if you just have a high school degree and you are well educated enough to give your seat on the bus to someone older than you, then you should know that you are well educated. 

When a person is well educated, he shall definitely climb the highest possible ladders in life while a person who has more degrees and no proper education might just be good for earning money. 

How should you educate your children?

Parents play a very significant role in shaping children’s lives. And when it comes to educating the children, there is no better alternative than their parents for executing the purpose.

You should teach your children about the values and morals from an early age so that they can differentiate between education and attaining degrees. 

You can also gift them a Tudor Pelagos when they do some good work and make you proud.

This way, your children would be more interested in earning the values and morals rather than just focusing on mugging up lessons and scribbling them in the answer sheets in their exams.

What values and principles count for better education?

By values and morals, it means good manners. When a person has good manners, he or she would automatically understand the value of people and things in life.

These good values start with respecting other people’s thoughts and opinions, behaving politely with people of any class, taking care of parents, not misbehaving with women, showing care to the elders in the house, loving animals, and other such stuff. 

When you have these values instilled in you, it would add to the education that you get from your school and college.

Otherwise, without these values, your educational degree is just some paper having no real value other than helping you get a job.

So, you must try to have high morals and values in life rather than thinking of getting more degrees so that you can also be well educated!

The final thoughts on What Role Does Education Play

In today’s time, when the world is so fast-paced, it’s not too difficult to gain knowledge and earn degrees out of that!

But when you need to be well educated, you have to make the best out of your degree and instill them to the core.

We see so many corrupt leaders today who hold higher degrees but lack the basic moral values that nils down their degrees to zero value.

Thus, you must try to be well educated first and then think of attaining higher levels of degrees and add them to your repertoire. 

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