Handcrafted Elements of Décor
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The benefits of handcrafted elements of décor

Selecting elements of décor for your home might turn out to be trickier than it seems at first glance.

Whether you have only started redoing the interior to reflect your needs, your interests, and your personality, or are simply trying to switch up the overall atmosphere of a certain area of your home, we would like to offer some tips on how to make it more exciting.

Fitting elements of décor are not something you can find with ease, and on top of all the issues that come with fitting everything into the same style grid, there is another problem that has to do with the element lacking any historical and emotional value for you.

Even the most stylish and expensive figurines, clocks, paintings, and so on, can look out of place because you have no connection to them, apart from ordering them from an online store because of the color of the sea on the painting fit the cushions and curtains in the room.

A universal solution to this potentially expensive and for sure time-consuming issue is finding an element of décor that you can make with your own hands. Before we go into any further details, let’s take a look at the A-Z of interior decoration first.

Selecting the right elements of décorSelecting the right elements of décor

The aesthetics and the surface appearance of each area are what you should be putting in the first place when mapping out the interior decoration of your private space.

The key principles of interior decoration are style: the most popular trends of today include casual/ formal, traditional/contemporary, and their subdivisions, such as, for example, Tuscan, Scandinavian, French country, and etc., and balance.

While traditional interiors are all about distributing the weight evenly throughout the space, contemporary style is characterized by accents here and there.

In addition, each room should feature a focal point, which is an eye-catching element that drives the most attention upon any guest’s first entrance.

These focal points normally stand aside from all the other objects in the room, they may differ by size, color, or texture from everything else that is visible nearby.

The fact that these focal points play such a huge role in creating the right atmosphere of the place is also a reason why it is so important for these objects to have a special meaning.

Handcrafted elements of décor not only have a history with their owner (be it half an hour or several hours of exciting assembly time) but also provide that feeling of accomplishment we are all looking for and that makes us venture in search for new experiences and tasks.

Multi-functional 3D puzzle sets: a perfect match for any interior

A construction set is a great way for anyone, regardless of their engineering or construction background to ignite their creative spark and add a beautiful creation of their own to their interior.

3D puzzles by UGears are 100% eco-friendly construction sets that are made from high-grade plywood and do not require glue at any stage of their assembly. Each part is joined together with another one much like pieces of a traditional jigsaw puzzle. The sets are split into 3 categories from ‘Easy’ to ‘Hard’, depending on their difficulty level and can take from 1 to 16 hours to assemble.

All UGears sets come with an unmatched aroma of natural wood and features moving parts and mechanical elements that illustrate the most common laws of Physics in an elegant manner.

The style of UGears 3D puzzle sets is very genuine and recognizable, from vintage cars, Victorian-era trains, immaculately-detailed jewelry boxes to mechanical animals or whimsical transportation and musical inventions of the past, and will fit any interior. In addition, all the sets in the Transport series are equipped with self-propelled rubber-band motors that allow some models to travel for up to 13 feet!

The UGears Safe is a great example of a multi-functional element of décor that you can make with your own hands.

A real and fully-operational combination lock together with a partially open exterior that reveals the inner work of the gear mechanism inside creates the special charm of this set.

The full information on this item can be found in the official UGears catalog at https://ugearsmodels.us/catalog/safe/.

The UGears Steampunk Clock is another unique accessory that will add a vintage twist to any interior. Featuring an open design, just like the previous puzzle set, the Clock has all the signature elements that UGears puzzle sets have to offer, from floral and celestial exterior elements to moving gears and 90-degrees coupling arrows that are the hands of the clock.

More information on the Clock can be found in the catalog: https://ugearsmodels.us/catalog/ugears-steampunk-clock/.

The UGears Dream Cabriolet VM-05 is one of the many beautiful wooden 3D puzzle sets in the Transport series.

The working V-8 configuration engine that allows the car to move back and forward is complemented by an astonishing level of detail that is typical for UGears sets within a ‘Hard’ assembly-level category, including the moving windows and windshield wipers, as well as reclining front seats, and others.

To learn more about the Handcrafted Elements of Décor – Dream Cabriolet, proceed to the catalog here: https://ugearsmodels.us/catalog/ugears-dream-cabriolet-vm-05/

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