3 Nightmare Creepy Stories You Can Share During Sleepovers

Written By Alla Levin
November 17, 2019

Nightmare Creepy Stories You Can Share During Sleepovers

We all have experiences with creepy stories, especially during sleepovers. Sharing scary stories is an art, long before the time of movies, books, and comics. Sleepovers, camping, and other social gatherings are perfect venues where we can hear these creepy stories.

In every circle of friends, there’s always a person who has all the tales. This person is in charge of giving the spooks to all the people that listen to him or her. This person knows how to gauge their voice, adjusting to the pace and thrill of the story. He or she should also know when to act out a scene to better give listeners an idea of what’s really happening in the story.

Aside from the theatrics, one crucial component that a storyteller should have is an extensive collection of creepy stories. They don’t have to know everything memorized down to every last word. They just have to know the idea and the critical events of a story.

To help you add to your collection of horror stories, here are some stories to get you started. Get ready:

Bloody MaryBloody Mary

Of course, anyone knows Bloody Mary. One of the most modified stories in this list, and perhaps everywhere, bloody mary never fails to scare a listener no matter how a storyteller tells it. There are lots of variations of bloody mary. One variation tells of how you can actually see and talk to her:

“Go inside a dark place, preferably a bathroom or toilet where there’s a large mirror in place. It doesn’t even have to be dark at this point; it only needs to have a mirror. From there, look hard closely into the mirror and say her name thirteen times. If you’ve successfully summoned her, the lights will begin to turn on and off. Don’t gaze away from the mirror. You’ll start to notice that someone is already beside you.”

Depending on the variation of the story, you can invoke the spirit of bloody mary by saying it six times. Bloody mary’s nature also matters depending on the variation. In some iterations, she’s a friendly spirit who just wants to talk.

In other tales, she’s an evil apparition that will bring harm to whoever called her. She can either steal the invoker’s soul, kill them, put a curse, drink their blood, strangle them, scream, etc. As you can see, the story of bloody mary is a must-have in every storyteller’s collection.

The Licked HandThe Licked Hand

This story is probably the best to tell at a sleepover. You can also find a lot more stories like this on mysteriousheartland.com. The licked hand story is also known as HUMANS CAN LICK TOO. Here’s how the story goes:

“A college girl goes home into her apartment, where she lives with her pet dog. As she gets ready for the night, she turns on the t.v. Only to see the news report of a mysterious person who escaped a mental asylum. The person is rumored to be dangerous, and everyone in the area is advised to keep their doors and windows locked.

Hearing this, the girl shuts every window and door in her apartment. After a night of popcorn and movies, the girl finally goes to bed. Her pet dog also goes with her and sleeps on the bedroom floor. Deep in the night, the girl can’t seem to sleep properly. She rolls and tugs around her bed until her hand is hanging on the edge of the bed. She then notices something licking her hand and says, “Not now, boy. Let’s go to sleep. We’ll play catch later.”

As she wakes up, she immediately notices that her dog is gone. She frantically searches for her dog only to find a bloody trail leading up to a dead-end wall. As she approaches the wall, she notices bloody letters written on it. Just as she makes out the writing, drops of blood begin to drip from the ceiling.

She then looks up, only to see her pet dog hanging from the ceiling, gutted, and skinless. Terrified, she gets the phone nearby and calls for the police. As she’s dialing, she finally makes out the written message on the wall: HUMANS CAN LICK TOO.”


Japan is home to a lot of scary stories, and the story of Kuchisake-onna is probably the most terrifying. Due to the popularity of the story, some residents in Japan’s towns impose curfews on their students to avoid meeting this urban legend in the flesh. Here’s how the story goes:

“A young woman coming home late from work decides to enter a public restroom. Just as she goes inside a cubicle, she faintly sees a capped or hooded woman wearing a mask entered the bathroom. After the young woman does her thing, she notices that the masked woman is still in the restroom.

As she’s about to go out, the masked woman violently grabs her and reveals herself to be Kuchisake-onna. She pulls down her mask to show the young woman her mutilated face. Kuchisake-onna has a long slit that goes ear to ear on her face. She then asks the woman, am I pretty? The young woman terrified says no. Hearing this, Kuchisake-onna gets a huge pair of scissors and goes into a maddening rage, killing the woman with the scissors.”

In some variations of the story, there are several outcomes, depending on what you answer to her. If you say no, as mentioned above, she’ll kill you with her scissors. In some variations, Kuchisake-onna won’t remove her mask until she asks you if she’s pretty, and you answer yes.

If you say yes, she then pulls down her mask to reveal her mutilated face and says, “how about now?” If you say no this time, she cuts you in half. If you still say yes, she then uses her scissors to make a slit on your face, similar to hers. She then backs away, smiling, enjoying her work.

Nightmare Creepy Stories: Takeaway

The three stories mentioned above are perfect for scaring your listeners during a sleepover. The story of Bloody Mary, Kuchisake-onna, and the terrifying tale of the licked hand can keep everyone awake, dead scared during the night.

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